If only I could walk and read at the same time, like the young man that lives down the street. My husband and I pass him often, and it doesn’t matter where he is, he always has a book open and is reading while he walks! What a skill! What a devotion! I can walk on the treadmill or to the park and listen to a book, but I can’t seem to walk and read at the same time. Imagine how many more books I could read if I could do that…

Today I stopped by the bookstore and picked up a copy of William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition, which is the audiobook I’m currently listening to in the car. I had to get a print copy because, although audiobooks allow me to multitask (“reading” while driving), I need to see his words on the written page. Oh, I’ll finish listening to the book, but I’m enjoying the way he puts words together so much, I need to see them. Many books are just perfect for the listening experience, such as each book in the Harry Potter series. I loved them when I read them, and again when I listened to them. But with a William Gibson book, listening isn’t enough. You need the freedom to re-read his words, passages, descriptions, sentences as many times as you want so you can fully enjoy the creativity and inventiveness of his writing.

4 thoughts on “Multitasking

  1. lc

    Multitasking? How to pickup the loose ends? What a challenge it is. Moments ago I came back from the library with a book I had on hold: A PERFECT UNION, Dolly Madison and the Creation of the American Nation, by Catharine Allgor. (Published in 2006). And just today I am all set to start my first knitting project in nearly a dozen years. So little time. So many interesting things to do. Your choices always interest me and stimulate me, too. Seems I’m in for a bit of a challenge.


  2. Robin

    Hi Mom. I’ve never read anything about Dolly Madison and hadn’t heard about this book. It sounds very interesting, so I look forward to hearing more about it! Yes, the knitting versus reading dilemma…knitting definitely slows down my reading, but it’s such pleasure. However, knitting has it’s own reading challenge–it’s reading and trying to understand those pattern instructions!


  3. Melissa Nelson

    Robin — have been reading your blog since Susan sent the book club a link – I am enjoying it – adding to my already long list of books to read. For me, reading is therapy, just like my watercolor therapy (instead of your knitting) – it takes me places and makes me forget about what I am teaching tomorrow for a few minutes. I can read on the recumbant bike, which is why that is my exercise of choice! -melissa


  4. Robin

    Melissa, I’m delighted that you’re enjoying my blog. Your recumbant bike for exercise is a great idea! I’ll have to look into it. Reading is definitely therapy for me, too, as are walking, knitting, and good friends.



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