A Whisper of Spring

A Whisper Of Spring 

The wind is bringing a song today,
A hopeful song — a new rounde-lay.
It whispers Spring is about to be
Ushered in with a melody
From larks and robins in greening trees —
Now bare and grey in the chilling breeze.
Yes, Spring is coming, soon all may know
That bluebells live through the ice and snow.

An early spring photo from my morning walk and a poem written by my grandmother, Maude Osmond Cook

6 thoughts on “A Whisper of Spring

  1. lc

    What a lovely picture to go along with a lovely poem. I didn’t remember that particular poem, but how well it fits. I noticed tulips have come up out of the ground but no blossoms yet. And a number of places have planted pansies. Looking out over the valley I can see shades of green. Even shades of green are welcome after the cold winter days.


  2. Robin

    Thanks, Tanabata. On your post today you mentioned that the vernal equinox is a holiday in Japan. How lovely to celebrate the blossoms after a long, dark winter. I hope you enjoyed your day!

    Hi Mom, I’m glad you finally have some tulips and a little green after your long winter! I noticed that many of Grandma’s spring poems mentioned May, so spring is quite a bit slower to arrive where you are. Hopefully it won’t be long now before your blossoms are out!


  3. tanabata

    Thanks Robin. It’s actually been cooler here the last couple of weeks so the cherry blossoms are a bit delayed. They now predict the end of the month. But it was nice to see some plum blossoms earlier this month and it’s always nice to have a holiday! Hope you had a nice day too.


  4. Robin

    Nan, yes, after this long, unusual winter, spring came in shouting. There really wasn’t a whisper ahead of time! It just arrived all at once. I do consider myself very lucky to have such beauty to look at every day.



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