Monday Morning Blogs

This morning I discovered that I’ve been “tagged” by Susan at Chicken Spaghetti! Being new to this warm and welcoming blogging world, I wasn’t sure what that meant, or what a “meme” is, but she explained it all very clearly, and I’m really pleased that she thought of me. Thanks, Susan!

The tag is to name 5 non-kidlit blogs I enjoy reading. Well, because I’m a teacher, lots of the blogs I read are related to children’s literature. But here are some of my wider-interests blogs that make my mornings so enjoyable:

Lowry Updates – I may be cheating a little here because this is Lois Lowry’s blog and she writes for young people, but her posts give you a wonderful glimpse into the life of an author of intelligence and compassion (with a great sense of humor!).

In Spring It Is The Dawn – always interesting, thoughtful, and beautiful!

Letters From a Hill Farm – a lovely blog full of books, music, poetry, and good food!

Mary’s Library – I am amazed at the huge variety of books Mary and Wilhelm read, and I look forward to seeing what they find next to recommend. (I started reading The Last Kashmiri Rose last night, so thanks to Mary I am no longer adrift!)

Moving To and Living In Argentina – This was the very first blog I ever read. I enjoy this blog because I have a lifelong interest in Argentina since living there for a year as an exchange student (40 years ago!). She is an ex-pat with a French husband and a brand new baby, so her posting has slowed down recently. But her blog is an interesting way to experience the culture of Argentina, and makes me homesick.

Knit the Classics – I know this is an extra one, but it is an interesting combination of two things I love to do–read and knit. I have to check it often to see what knitting project they are doing while reading which classic!

I’m supposed to pass this “meme” along to some fellow bloggers I enjoy and would like to learn more about, so I’ll tag Shelf Life, Book Chase, Cathrine, Cessie’s Book Journey, and Random Jottings of a Book and Opera Lover.

Happy Monday!

8 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blogs

  1. Gentle Reader

    Robin, I’m so enjoying your blog! Thanks for “tagging” me–now that I’m “it”, I name 5 (non-kidlit) blogs I enjoy reading? Anything else I need to know? This is fun!


  2. Robin

    Susan, this was a fun way to find some new and interesting blogs to read. Thanks again!

    Tanabata, this blogosphere definitely makes the world seem so much smaller and friendlier. Distances mean absolutely nothing.

    Mary, I’m enjoying The Kashmiri Rose, and look forward to reading more of your suggested books.

    Gentle Reader, I was intrigued by your “summer reading project” and am curious what you will choose to read for this summer.


  3. Gentle Reader

    I’ve enjoyed visiting the blogs you mentioned!

    As for the summer project, Middlemarch and Daniel Deronda, so wish me luck. Or read them with me!

    My book group may be going with Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend next, since it was one of the only Dickens novels none of us had read, so I might be drowning in Victoriana soon…


  4. Robin

    Gentle Reader, I think I’ll take you up on reading Middlemarch and Daniel Deronda this summer. First I have to finish my Once Upon A Time challenge books, but the Eliots would be a great follow up for all that fantasy!

    Nan, I’ve really enjoyed your week of Stacey Kent! It’s so nice to be introduced to new music!



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