Once Upon a Time

I’ve been fascinated by the many book challenges I see on the different blogs I visit, but have been hesitant to make a commitment to reading a certain number of books within a particular time frame. Who know how long it might take me to finish one book (Out of Africa took six weeks!), let alone multiple titles! But I can’t resist this new one! Carl V.’s “Once Upon a Time” challenge (with its beautiful button) has captured my imagination, so I’m embarking on my first book challenge, which looks to be a great adventure. Thanks, Carl!

The Once Upon a Time Challenge will take place beginning Thursday, March 22nd and will end on Midsummer Night’s Eve, June 21st. It is a reading challenge to celebrate spring, the time of rebirth and renewal, by experiencing the type of storytelling that connects us with our past.

I have chosen “Quest One: Read at least 5 books from any of the 4 genres.” Here are some of the books I found that have been patiently waiting on my shelves:

  • Warriors, Gods & Spirits from Central and South American Mythology, text by Douglas Gifford, illustrations by John Sibbick (from a gorgeous series of books on mythology I bought many years ago)
  • Stardust, by Neil Gaiman (my first Gaiman!)

And if time allows, I’ll include a June reading of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, to celebrate the end of this challenge.

10 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time

  1. Quixotic

    Ok, another one listing Jasper Fforde. I will take this as a sign that I simply must acquire a copy. *grin*

    Great list. Fabulous choice for your first Gaiman! I hope you enjoy it, and look forward to reading your thoughts!

  2. Fence

    I’m reading Stardust for this challenge too, and have heard plenty of good things about Fforde but have yet to get around to his books.

  3. Robin

    Quixotic and Fence, I’m really looking forward to all the book discussions with this challenge! I’m starting with Stardust, and I picked up that really nice Vertigo edition, with Vess’ color illustrations…a great beginning!

  4. Gentle Reader

    I, too, have been fascinated by all the challenges I see on my favorite blogs, yet reluctant to commit. Maybe I’ll do this one too.

    Also, like Quixotic, I keep seeing Jasper Fforde’s name around the blogosphere. I’ll have to check him out…

  5. Carl V.

    I’m so honored that you have chosen to take the plunge with this challenge. I think you’ll enjoy it, especially considering the books you’ve chosen.

    Your first Gaiman…I’m so excited for you!!!

    And Quixotic, Gentle Reader, you’d both LOVE Jasper Fforde. Pick up The Eyre Affair, it is very fun.

  6. toni

    I like your list and look forward to reading your reviews of these wonderful books, especially Stardust. I haven’t read anything by Gaiman and he’s not on my list, but before the challenge is over, I may have to squeeze in a reading of Stardust.

  7. Chris

    I’m so jealous of people reading Gaiman for the first time! He’s an amazing writer. You’ll love it.

    I too need to pick up Fforde. His books sound great!

  8. Robin

    Gentle Reader, Carl, Toni, and Chris, thanks for stopping by! I just finished Stardust, and loved it! Now I’m on to Fforde’s Eyre Affair. It looks really good!

  9. Robin

    Fayol, I just looked at the Rosemary Sutcliff site and it’s terrific! I love her work and am looking forward to reviewing her Arthurian trilogy for this reading challenge. The first book I read by her was The Shining Company, which is such an incredible story, beautifully written. Then I found her memoirs, Blue Remembered Hills, which was also fascinating. She’s a favorite! Thanks for the website information!


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