Catching Up on Correspondence

That’s an old phrase, isn’t it? As I sat at my computer this morning and sent off emails to family and friends to let them know we were home from our trip, safe and sound, that phrase came to me out of some time long ago. I write very few letters these days, but I still love “catching up on correspondence” in the mornings. And nowadays, that includes catching up with the blogging world.

We’ve been to visit B’s mother in an Alzheimer’s care facility in California, and chose to drive this time instead of fly. A side trip to see the ocean and the giant Redwoods was wonderful. But stopping to see our new little grandson, on the way there and back again, was the highlight, of course.

We took Anna Karenina with us, but didn’t listen as much as we thought we would, so we’re not even half way through the book. We found the quiet and the time for conversation too precious to give up. And we had the usual navigator-versus-driver bickering to take care of, too! But listening to Anna Karenina, we both agreed, is an amazing experience. I’d forgotten the incredible detail Leo Tolstoy puts into his stories. He builds a complete world, right down to the description of the hairpin in Anna’s hair, and his characters are so vividly drawn, they become real. And the story…! Well, it’s a delicious listen.

Just before leaving on this trip, my little Poppet arrived. I ordered this fun little piece of sculpture from artist Lisa Snellings-Clark. I’d learned about Lisa’s work through a blog I enjoy, Quixotical, which had a link to Poppet Planet. Anyway, I just had to get one for myself. So my new little poppet went with us, and I took this series of photographs to chronicle her travels.

9 thoughts on “Catching Up on Correspondence

  1. Karen

    That sounds like a lovely trip, and great to get the chance to enjoy some silence or the chance for uninterrupted conversation.


  2. Robin

    Karen, it was so nice to have some quiet time together, even if most of it was in the car! Life just goes at such a frantic pace these days. A lovely trip in many ways, bittersweet in others.


  3. mom

    Robin, I did enjoy your blog…sharing some of the nice things you saw and did on your trip. Young Kai asleep on his grammy’s sholder was fun to see. How nice to have time to talk. Strange how the fast pace these days deprives us of long uninterruped conversation.


  4. Brad

    Robin, It makes me laugh to read about your navigator vs. driver discussions. My wife and I gave up electronic “noise” in the car when traveling together for the last couple of years, and it gives us much more talking time than we had. If you are interested, I would like to tag you for the “Eight things about me” meme that is going around. Check my site for the rules.


  5. tanabata

    Sounds like a lovely trip. Congratulations on your new grandson- he’s adorable!
    And everyone seems to be having fun with their poppets lately. Very cute, especially the one with the big redwoods.


  6. Robin

    Mom, it was a fun trip, but the highlight was having Kai take a nap on my shoulder.

    Brad, thanks for tagging me for the meme. It’s fun to read the different posts and learn a little more about each person.

    Tanabata and Danielle, thanks for your nice comments on the grandboy! Seeing the giant redwoods was lovely and awe-inspiring. And it was fun to see the world through the eyes of the poppet! It made me look at everything differently (definitely from a much shorter vantage point)!


  7. Robin

    Suziqoregon, thanks for the link to Bookfool’s Poppet blog! How fun! I know a lot of people have fallen in love with these poppets, so I’m sure we’ll see more photos from around the world. Bookfool’s photos are great, and it’s a terrific idea to create a Poppet’ Travels blog! Thanks for the link. I also enjoyed your post about the bookstores in the Eureka area, and wished I had read it before we left on our trip. Next time we’re in the area, we’ll check out some of those stores.



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