Eight Things About Me Meme

While I’ve been traveling, a new meme has been circulating through the blogs, and this morning I found myself tagged by Brad, at Turning Pages. The meme is to list eight random facts about yourself, and since it’s fun to read those lists on other blogs and get to know many of you much better, I decided to participate. So here are the rules of the meme and some very random facts about me:

Meme rules: 1: Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves. 2: People who are tagged write a blog post about their own 8 random things and post the rules. 3: At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names. 4: Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1. When I was six years old, I won a coloring contest sponsored by our local newspaper. The prize was an old Brownie camera, and I got my picture in the newspaper. I wasn’t the greatest “colorer” in the world, many (including my older brother) could color much neater and stay in the lines better than I could. But I included all kinds of “extras”…like clouds in the sky and flowers in front of the house.

2. 40 years ago I was chosen to be an American Field Service exchange student to Argentina. I spent a year there, living with an Argentine family, going to school, learning to speak the language fluently, and becoming part-Argentine in my heart. In those days, communication between the countries was much more difficult, and a year after returning home I lost track of my host family and my Argentine sister. Last year, thanks to the miracle of the internet, Silvia and I found each other again, and we’ve resumed our friendship and are slowly catching up on the happenings of the last 40 years!

3. I’ve been teaching for 20 years, which sounds like a lot of time put in until you meet my teammate, who has been teaching for 41 years!

4. Famous people I have met…Jane Goodall came to our school a few years ago and I was asked by my principal to introduce her at the assembly. Why? I’d told my principal my story about reading her book, In the Shadow of Man, when my son was a newborn, and about how that book had really influenced my parenting! He asked me to tell that story as I introduced her. She must have liked it because she kissed my cheek after the introduction. It’s a totally awesome experience to have your cheek kissed by one of your life heroes!

5. I started playing the flute in 5th grade, and stayed with it all through high school. I loved it, but haven’t played in years. My position in the school band was always “second chair flute” because my friend in the “first chair” was a very talented flute player from a family of 5 brothers, all of whom are very talented jazz musicians. He was inspirational, but I could never play the flute as magically as he played it.

6. My great, great grandparents were pioneers (covered wagons, hand carts, etc.)

7. My favorite evening entertainment is a quiet evening with B, watching a movie from Netflix, and maybe having a bowl of sherbet. We love to watch series that we miss when they’re on TV…we just finished watching the Sopranos, and now have to wait until the second half of season 6 comes out on DVD.

8. In August, B and I will have been married for 38 years. Who knows where the time goes?

Since I’ve been off the blogs for a week, I’m not sure who has or has not been tagged yet, so please consider yourself tagged if you haven’t been already!

10 thoughts on “Eight Things About Me Meme

  1. danielle

    How cool to have gone to Argentina–and even cooler to have gotten in contact once again with your friend!


  2. Robin

    Danielle, it was so incredible to open my email a year ago and find a message from Silvia. Now her emails are precious to me, and our instant chatting is so much fun. She is wonderful about writing or instant chatting in English…because I’ve lost so much of my Spanish. I can read it, but it’s difficult to speak again, and writing in an instant message is terribly difficult. Needless to say, I’ve started taking Spanish lessons!

    Karen, thanks for your kind words. I didn’t know what to say about myself, so I was searching memory for some highlights.


  3. tanabata

    That’s so wonderful that you found your Argentine sister again after all those years! How are the Spanish lessons coming along?


  4. Robin

    Tanabata, the Spanish is coming back slowly! I’ve actually never studied it. When I received the scholarship to Argentina, I’d had 5 years of French! It took me 4 months to learn to speak Spanish fluently when completely immersed in the language and culture. But when I returned home, there was no one to practice with. So…having to retrieve the language at this age is a challenge. But I love it, and it IS coming back (and would come back quickly, I think, if immersed in it again).

    And yes, it is wonderful to be back in contact with Silvia. She’s a very special person, and I felt such a sense of loss when we lost contact all those years ago.


  5. Matt

    This meme is really popping up all over the place!

    Thanks for sharing the eight facts–not only are they heart-warming but also inspiring–they constitute a life’s journey. A celebration.

    After all, 38 years is a long time. I’m happy for you. 🙂


  6. Gentle Reader

    Oh good, I’m glad you were tagged because I meant to tag you! How great that you were able to reconnect with your old friend. I love the Jane Goodall story, too!


  7. Nymeth

    How wonderful that you were able to find your old friend again! The Internet can be such a wonderful thing. Where in Argentina did you live? I have a friend who has just come back from living there for 6 months, full of wonderful stories and gorgeous pictures. Argentina is a country I really want to visit some day.

    And I can only imagine how wonderful having your cheek kissed by one of your heroes must be!

    I really enjoyed reading your replies.


  8. mom

    About your first fact winning the brownie camera, I faintly remember red polka dot wallpaper? But then my memory doesn’t take any prizes these days. Still it reminded me of the red ghost which freaked out your teacher, Ms Maybe.


  9. Robin

    Thanks, Matt…”celebration” is a very nice way to put it. The thing that’s been interesting about this meme is that we all have lots to celebrate, so it’s fun to visit different posts and get to know each person a little bit better. Your Mother’s Day post was a beautiful celebration of your very special mom.

    Gentle Reader, thanks, I enjoyed reading your 8 facts, too! I chuckled at your summer travel, family in the mini-van, thoughts. Those family trips, however difficult they may be, are real “memory makers!”

    Nymeth, I spent 4 months in the city of Rosario, then moved to a small town called Sunchales, which is near Santa Fe and east of the beautiful city of Cordoba. It’s a beautiful country, and the people are very warm-hearted and generous. It’s a wonderful place to visit!

    Mom, I didn’t remember that Mrs. Mabey was shocked by my scarlet ghost with green eyes, but she was shocked by many things that year. I remember her screaming at me for coloring red and pink next to each other on my Valentine’s packet. I think I must have been a “coloring rabble-rouser” back then.



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