Portland Rose

My Thorn

You say your rose has a thorn?
Why do you not try to transpose,
And say without sorrow or scorn,
“My thorn has a beautiful rose.”

by Maude O. Cook (my grandmother)

7 thoughts on “Portland Rose

  1. Nan -

    I swear I can almost smell that rose.

    That’s how to look at life! Thanks so much for sharing your grandmother’s poem.


  2. Robin

    Karen, Tanabata, and Nan–isn’t that a gorgeous rose!? We passed it when we were taking our grandson for a walk in his stroller last week, and I had to grab the camera. Portland is called “the city of roses,” and you can see why! I’m glad you enjoyed Grandma’s little poem.


  3. mom

    I can almost hear my mother say that verse. It spoke so much of her philosopy. She looked for the best in people. The saying; “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all,” was truly her way. I don’t remember her saying it, but that is what she lived. Her love of flowers was evident to me very early in my life, as I watched her tend her flower garden in the harsh, dry soil on the dry farm. what a nice expression to remember today.


  4. Robin

    Tanabata, thanks for the tag!

    Mom, when I saw the rose in Portland, I knew I had to photograph it and post it with Grandma’s poem.



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