Immersion Into A Dream

…Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, that is! I’ve just begun my reading of this play for Carl V’s Once Upon a Time challenge. I know I’m going to love immersing myself in this fun story!

Also, Tanabata (In Spring It Is The Dawn) tagged me for a short meme yesterday. Gentle Reader (Shelf Life) had also tagged me for the same meme last week, but I was reading a book with only 104 pages, so it didn’t work then. Thanks to both of them! A new book with more pages and I’m able to participate, so here goes:

Page 161 Meme:
Grab the book that is nearest to you (no cheating), turn to page 161, post the text of the fifth full sentence on the page, post the rules, and tag three people.

I grabbed my new book, Love in the Time of Cholera, and here’s the 5th full sentence on page 161:

She brought back a disturbing fragrance chosen from many at the perfume shop in the Bazar de la Charite, before the spring winds leveled everything with ashes, but she used it only once because she did not recognize herself in the new scent.

I tag:
Mary (Mary’s Library),
SusiQoregon (Blogging My Books), and
CdnReader (The Golden Flask), who is completely immersed in her exams right now but maybe she can tell us what’s on page 161 of her current textbook read!

Have a nice holiday weekend, everyone!

7 thoughts on “Immersion Into A Dream

  1. Nymeth

    Yours is the best response to this meme I’ve seen so far! I remember that passage clearly. It illustrates what I was trying to say about the book so well – long (but not awkward) sentences with a musical flow.

    I really look forward to reading your thoughts on the book.

    As for “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, I’ll be starting it for the challenge soon as well. It will be fun to see everyone’s reactions to it, because they are bond to be varied.


  2. Cathrine

    πŸ™‚ I love the book that was nearest to you πŸ™‚
    thank you for your comment at my snapshots blog πŸ™‚


  3. Bellezza

    I see the play of A Midsummer Night’s Dream every summer; this is the first time I’ll be reading it. Somehow, the play makes it go very quickly! I wonder if Carl will count a play? πŸ™‚


  4. Robin

    Thanks, Nymeth! I’m loving the book. Everything you said about it is so true.

    Tanabata, I think you’d enjoy the book, too. The language is so beautifully lyrical.

    Cathrine, It’s a beautifully written book. I’m really captured by it.

    Bellezza, Carl should let you count the play since you’ve seen it so often. What a fun summer tradition!


  5. Carl V.

    I recently received a gift of an illustrated A Midsummer Night’s Dream with work by Arthur Rackham in it that includes the picture you posted as the cover image. It is wonderful and will be the one I read for the challenge as June 21st approaches.


  6. Robin

    Carl, I love the Rackham illustrations, but there are so many wonderful pieces of art to choose from for posts about A Midsummer Night’s Dream! It’s going to be fun to read all these posts coming up and see what artwork everyone finds to include in them.



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