Spending Time with the Grandboy

Not getting much reading done this week, but am enjoying life as “Grammers” for a few days. Forgive me for losing control and posting photos like I’m the only grammy on the planet. I know there are lots of other very happy grammys getting to spend a little time with precious grandsons (or granddaughters) this week. For all of us, the joy is indescribable!

12 thoughts on “Spending Time with the Grandboy

  1. Robin

    Thanks, Maggie. You made us all chuckle!

    Gentle Reader, thanks, too. I’ll try not to be too obnoxious a grandma and post photos too often…just when I lose control of myself and can’t help it. He’s so much fun. Because I was there for his home birth, and spent time with him that very first week, we are bonded! We started out as “snuggle buddies” and have also become “play buddies” with this most recent visit.

    Matt, yup, I’m already working on it…first thing I did was give him his Dad’s old favorite (slobbered on) books. Right now he’s at the grab-em-and-chew-on-em reading stage.


  2. great grandmother

    CUTE PICTURE of Kai. You’re excused, Robin. We know you can’t help sharing your joy. Not to be blamed.
    The great grandmother


  3. Silvia

    Quién sacó esa foto tan linda?
    Felicitaciones! Kai es un bebé muy lindo y vivaz. Entiendo que la abuela esté chocha…



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