Rockin’ Girl Blogger (!)

My friend, Nymeth, at Things Mean A Lot, has deemed me a “Rockin’ Girl Blogger.” That is so cool! I’m really happy about it because we just don’t get told very often that we “rock.”

Every once in a long while my students would let me know that I “rocked,” and it was almost always after finishing an awesome read aloud in the classroom, or after doing something totally outside their expectations of what an older 6th grade teacher would normally do–like riding the Zip Line across a deep canyon gully during our annual outdoor ed field trip.

My own kids are grown now, but remembering those few times during their younger years when they deemed me a “rockin’ mom” still makes me glow. And, of course, I’m already working on being a “rockin’ grandma,” although Kai is only 6th months old.

So I’m really pleased to post this bright pink happy button that has put a big smile on my face here. Thanks, Nymeth! You rock!

I’m supposed to send this nice award on to some other bloggers, but its tough to narrow my choices down to just a couple of blogs when I think you all Rock! I enjoy each blog I visit for different reasons, and I’m always finding new, inspiring ones to add to the blogroll…and many of the ones I enjoy are “Rockin’ Boy Bloggers!” Take a look a this sampling of Rockin’ blogs I frequent:

  • Shelf Life – “Gentle Reader” is the perfect name for this kind and gentle prolific reader.
  • Dolce Bellezza – whose students are so lucky to have her for their teacher…and who is presently trying to survive a kitchen remodel.
  • My Random Acts of Reading – I love to check Kay’s blog to see if she has a new quote posted as well as to see what she is now reading.
  • Letters From a Hill Farm – Nan’s blog is full of beauty from her home, garden, kitchen, music collection and bookshelves.

10 thoughts on “Rockin’ Girl Blogger (!)

  1. Bellezza

    Robin, how sweet are you to list me in your post?! I’m with you on how wonderful it feels when our students praise us, and it feels just as lovely to read your sweet words here. Isn’t this (the blogger world) a great place for learning and friendship? I, too, feel enriched by the blogs I visit and the lives I can catch a glimpse of through the revelations of each writer. Thanks for giving us a slice of yours, from the classroom to the bookshelf to your friends and family.


  2. Gentle Reader

    Thanks so much for calling me a rockin’ girl blogger! I love that! Now if I could convince my kids that someone thinks I’m rockin’, that would be great 🙂 But seriously, thank you so much for thinking of me, and you rock too!


  3. Bookfool

    It is indeed a rare, rockin’ teacher who reads to her class. Good for you! And, your blog does rock. Congratulations!


  4. Robin

    Gentle Reader,
    You deserve it! As for convincing your kids…well, they’ll come around to it in a few years. Right now you’re probably entering the “dumbest person in the world” stage. It’s amazing how much smarter you’ll get in a few years! And it’s really nice when they start letting you know how much you rock!

    Bookfool, I thought that’s what teachers were supposed to do–read to their class! My students always said that was the best part of the day (next to recess and lunch, of course). I agreed with them.


  5. Kay

    Robin, thanks so much for the mention of my little blog. I do appreciate it. Nan (Letters From a Hill Farm) and Les (Lesley’s Book Nook) are good friends of many years and they convinced me that I could do this blogging thing. I am loving sharing my reading journey with others and wish I had more time to read more of them. I’m also having a blast with the quotes. It’s amazing how much is out there about books, reading and libraries. Again, thanks so much and thanks for letting us share your journey!


  6. Bookfool

    It’s what they’re supposed to do, but when my youngest son was in elementary school, he had a librarian who hated reading – so she popped in video tapes and wouldn’t let them browse the books or check out. It was so bizarre. And, most of the teachers we dealt with were always saying, “No time, no time, no time. I’d read to them but I can’t squeeze everything in.”


  7. Robin

    Kay, I’m really enjoying your blog. I’m glad Nan and Les convinced you to start one.

    Thanks, Iliana.

    A librarian that hates reading…YIKES!! That’s a sin!

    I’m afraid I understand where those teachers are coming from, but I don’t agree with their response to it. Administrators (and the State) keep adding more and more curriculum that we’re supposed to teach, and more and more testing to make sure it’s being taught exactly the way they want it taught. It’s absolutely nuts these days–Nobody can teach all of that, and do the job the way it needs to be done, so teachers are very frustrated and stressed.

    However, I believe that reading to kids is one of the most effective ways of getting kids to love reading, so I refused to cut it out. Even a 10 minute read aloud session after recess was the highlight of our day, for both the kids and me. I wouldn’t give it up for anything.


  8. Nan -

    Oh, Robin, I’ve been busy with company and just saw this post. Aren’t you the sweetest thing to mention me. I’ll try to live up to the honor!



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