Crow Babies

This week, Nan (Letters From a Hill Farm) wrote a lovely post inspired by the pleasant sound of a song sparrow outside her window. I share her love of birds and birdsong, but have a slightly different sound outside my window this summer.

The greenbelt, behind and to the side of our place, is home for owls, bats, flickers, robins, wrens, sparrows, chickadees, and hummingbirds (to name a few!). So, of course, I’m very fond of birdsong. However, this summer, the crows have nested very close by (sounds like they’re in the tall trees right next to our deck), and are raising some very noisy crow babies! And what loud, demanding, raucous little babies they are! B and I feel so sorry for those poor haggard crow parents, going non-stop all day to feed these bottomless pits. The babies should be fledglings soon–they sound enormous now. But back and forth those parent go, all day long from early morning until dusk.

I’ve actually enjoyed keeping tabs on these greenbelt neighbors, but the crows have either drowned out the sound of the smaller songbirds or scared many of them away. It’s just not the song-filled summer of other years! Hopefully, next year the crows will choose a tree a little further away from our place, and the sweet songbirds will spend more time perched outside my window.

4 thoughts on “Crow Babies

  1. Petunia

    We have an abundance of crows and pigeons right now. Yes, crows can be very noisy but try a pigeon nesting in the fireplace. It sounds like an echoing ghost at all times of the day. I hope it leaves before I use the fireplace in the fall.


  2. Nan -

    Thank you for your nice, nice mention, Robin. We, too, have crow babies, though they are a bit further into the woods. I do hear them though and they sound so much in a hurry for the folks to bring back food! And Petunia, I just love the idea of a pigeon in the fireplace. Can you see it?



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