Heat Wave Reading

Seattle temperatures have set new heat records for the area this week. I know there are places that have been hit a lot worse than we have, but I have to complain a little anyway. It’s too hot! We’re melting!

Our summers in the Northwest are usually pretty mild. We’re spoiled rotten by the beauty of the area and its mild temperatures. But when the heat hits, I grab some books and head for the coolest place around. Here are two of the Heat Wave books I’ve read this week:

Twelve Sharp, by Janet Evanovich. Another fun round with bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum, in Trenton, New Jersey. Janet Evanovich always makes me laugh. I’m in love with both Ranger and Joe Morelli, so I can completely understand why Stephanie can’t make up her mind. I usually wait to read her books until the paperback comes out, so her next book is already out: Lean Mean Thirteen. And there are only 990 holds on it at the King County Library. The audiobook versions of her books are really fun to listen to on a hot day, too. There are only 269 holds for the audiobook of Lean Mean Thirteen on CDs at KCL!

Death in Springtime, by Magdalen Nabb, is a nicely written little mystery set in Florence, Italy. I haven’t read any of her other Italian mysteries, but I liked her character, Marshal Guarnaccia, and her settings of Florence and the hills of Tuscany, so I’ll probably read more of her books.

I hope you are all surviving the heat and summer storms as painlessly as possible. And I hope you’re enjoying your own Heat Wave reading!

10 thoughts on “Heat Wave Reading

  1. Nymeth

    You have my sympathy, Robin. I hate extreme heat. Summer has been extremely mild over here this year, though. A little too mild – it rained for the whole month of June.

    But regardless of the weather, I’ve been really enjoying my Summer reading 🙂


  2. Nan -

    We are just the opposite, Robin. Lots of cool, rainy, cloudy days. And after a thunderstorm, we have a cool, sunny, and breezy day. I do feel sorry for you. I, too, like cool over hot. And Nymeth, I’m not sure if you live in England, but my husband and I spent June of 1971 in the “old country” and it rained nearly every day. It was amazing.


  3. Tara

    Well, I know how you feel. We are getting a break this week with temps in the 70s but we’ve already had more days in the 90s than we ususally get all summer. Our outdoor thermostat got up to 99 at one point this past Sunday. Do you have air-conditioning? Is that a standard feature in Seattle? Stay cool!


  4. Robin

    Thanks, Nymeth and Nan,
    We usually have very rainy Junes around here, too. Then the rest of the summer, into fall, is just gorgeous and usually very mild. This kind of heat is unusual.

    Hi Tara,
    It’s usually so mild here that many homes are without air conditioning. I hope your milder temperatures stay. It seems like an extra hot summer in a lot of places.


  5. iliana

    Seriously, what is up with mother nature! You guys are roasting and here in Texas we are drowning with all the rain. Ah well, stay cool!

    I stopped at book 10 in the Plum series. I am tempted to go back because Grandma Mazur and Lula are so funny but I want something to finally happen with Stephanie – choose a guy! 🙂


  6. Elaine Magliaro


    I love the Pacific Northwest. I hope to visit there again some day. I still have relatives living in Washington. The coast there is quite different from the seacoast in the area where I live in Massachusetts. My home is close to a tidal estuary.

    Except for a few hot, humid days, our summer has been quite mild so far. I hope it stays this way. I hate the heat and humidity. I hope you get some relief soon. Happy Reading!


  7. Robin

    Iliana, I’ve been watching the weather news about the Texas rains, and it’s unbelievably wet! I hope things dry up a bit and calm down soon. We’ve had some relief from the awful heat in the last 24 hours, thanks to “the onshore flow of marine air.” Love that marine air!

    Hi Elaine,
    It would be lovely living near a tidal estuary–are you a bird watcher? I’m glad your summer has been mild so far–nice reading weather! I know it can get miserably hot and muggy on the East Coast.


  8. Kay

    No, Robin, we are not going to get much of a respite here in Texas from the rain. Next week we have rain predicted all week. However, it has been cooler but incredibly humid. Just dripping. A little too much like Portland, OR (where we lived for 3 years) for my husband. Sorry you are getting our usual summer weather. I hope that August is a little drier for us but that may mean temps in 100’s.


  9. Bookfool

    We live with heat from April to November, most years. Sometimes we get a break. Looking at your chart, I see that the inside of a car hits the “extreme danger” zone and well it should. We had a toddler die in our area, just about 10 days ago, from being left in a van – all day long. It’s hard to believe anyone could do anything so stupid, but this is not the first time such a thing has happened in our area.


  10. Robin

    Kay, we moved to the Northwest partly to get away from that awful heat, but the flip side is that we spend many more months of the year in rain. By mid-winter, I’ll be complaining about feeling soggy.

    Bookfool, that’s such an important reminder. We’ve had that kind of tragedy here, too. People need to understand and think about the dangers of heat. Thanks.



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