Whirlwind Week

This last week has been an absolute whirlwind of activity! In one week, since rescinding my Leave of Absence, I have moved back into my school, completely set up a classroom for second graders, gone to an after-school training on literacy testing (DIBELS training), met with my wonderful new team numerous times already, helped out at the PTSA barbecue, and now have taught these terrific little kids for two days.

It’s been a heartwarming week for me. It’s amazing how it all came together and how so many people helped make it happen! My daughter (the artist) put together the most beautiful bulletin board I’ve ever seen. A fellow teacher gave me 1/2 day of her own time to help me move furniture, clean, and set up my classroom. One of my new students and her mom came in to help organize my class library, and put the chaos of books into beautiful order. And so much encouragement has come my way from everybody at school. Then on Tuesday the kids arrived, and the real magic began.

I have been reading this week despite being very tired at the end of the day (second grade teachers don’t sit down!), so I’ll get back to posting about books soon. And I’m anxious to get back to each of your blogs to see the changes and what you have all been up to this week!

16 thoughts on “Whirlwind Week

  1. Chris

    The classroom looks great! Glad to hear that things are going well with school. I bet your class is happy to have a teacher like you and a classroom like yours πŸ™‚ Hope you’ve been up to some good reading!


  2. Nymeth

    I’m glad to hear everything is going well, and that you’re still having time to read despite being busy. Can’t wait to see your thoughts on Dracula.


  3. Robin

    Thanks, Bookfool, yes, that’s the bulletin board my daughter made for me. The kids were so excited to see it on the first day because of the Orcas. I had to tell them about being an Orca Grammy.

    Thanks, jenclair. All that time spent away was very good for me because it helped me realize once again how important teaching is to me.

    Thanks, Chris! It’s fun to see their enthusiasm for learning. I’ve actually been able to finish one book this week, and I’m going to post about it soon. It was really short and for young people,but I kept falling asleep when I was reading it at the end of the day. But I enjoyed it anyway.

    Thanks, Cath. She is amazingly talented with all kinds of art. She really touched my heart with this bulletin board, though. It’s such a gift to look at it each day.

    Thanks, Nymeth. It’s going to take me awhile to finish Dracula, but hopefully I’ll have more reading time next week.


  4. Kay

    Such a pleasant looking classroom. All full of promise and excitement. Hope you and your kids have a wonderful year. They are very lucky!


  5. mom

    Seeing your classroom makes me a bit homesick for the schoolroom even after so many years. The bulletin board is terrific. And second graders are special. I hope my message gets through this time.


  6. Matt

    Where do the books for the kids come from? Do you always keep them with you or they belong to the school?

    The classroom, by the way, looks great!


  7. Robin

    Thanks, Heather. It was a very busy week in second grade, and kids and teacher were very tired this afternoon, but it was a fun week. I’m going to love this class and all their enthusiasm.

    Thanks, Kay. That’s what I love about the beginning of the school year…it’s full of hope and promise.

    Hi Mom. I’ve thought of you often this week, and remembered many of your stories about teaching second grade. I’m going to love it.

    Hi Maggie. The kids are excited about the Orcas in the bulletin board scene, and are already drawing pictures, writing little stories, and looking for books on the subject. It’s amazing how something like that seascape can peak their interest in learning more. Wonderful age! Everything is magical!

    Thanks, Matt. The teacher that used to be in my room retired and left all her books. That’s an incredible gift because most of my class library (in storage still) is for older children. Over the years, I’m sure I’ve spent thousands of my own dollars on books for my students. The school provides the reading and math basals, and our PTA gives each of the teachers in my school $200 a year for books, supplies, whatever is needed in our classroom. But teachers inevitably spend lots of their paychecks on books for their classes.


  8. Robin

    Thanks, Jill. Yes, it is a happy time for me. Nine months ago I didn’t think I’d be going back to teaching, but the Leave of Absence was good for me in many different ways–it gave me the time to focus on my health, and it gave me the time to think about just how important teaching is to me. Having this opportunity open up for me so unexpectedly has brought a lot of joy with it. I’m sure I’ll get back to normal and start complaining soon, but for now I’m seeing my work in a whole new, very bright light.


  9. Tara

    I’ve always found it amazing how much time, energy, and money teachers put into making their classrooms so special. Yours looks fantastic. Glad your first week back has gone so well.



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