Foggy Fall Morning

It’s another foggy fall morning…just right for reading and listening to music. My Sunday mornings have always been full of books and music. My dad used to listen to Beethoven on Sunday mornings, and I would read my books while the music played, so I have very fond connections between stories and some of the family’s favorite music. One of my very earliest memories is of my mother braiding my hair while reciting a favorite poem to me. The poem was Eugene Field‘s “Little Boy Blue,” a sad poem in which the little boy lines up all his toys at night before he goes to bed, but he dies during the night so never returns to them. The hair braiding, the poetry, and Ravel‘s “Pavane Pour une infante defante” (which also was played a lot on Sunday mornings!) are all mixed together in my memory. Sunday mornings full of books, poetry, and music…no wonder I love to read!

10 thoughts on “Foggy Fall Morning

  1. Matt

    I once read about how listening to classical music since the early age will help kids develop better brain capacity. Whether it’s true or not, I still enjoy listening classical. It’s food for the mind, especially the mind of readers. 🙂


  2. Robin

    Thanks, Nan. It’s interesting to think about some of the things that helped turn us into passionate readers.

    Hi Tara. The picture is an illustration called “Books in Winter” by Jesse Willcox Smith. It was in our copy of R. L. Stevenson’s A CHILD’S GARDEN OF VERSES. She’s one of my favorite illustrators of children’s books!

    Thanks, Kay.

    Hi Matt. I’ve heard that, too. Whether true or not, music brings a lot of beauty and joy into children’s lives.


  3. Nymeth

    What a nice post!

    I too love Sunday mornings – the whole day is ahead of you, so full of possibilities. And of course, they are a splendid time to read.


  4. Robin

    Hi Mom. Those are very special memories! I could have also mentioned the Sunday walks, rides, and ice cream store trips!

    Thanks, Nymeth! Sundays are my favorite days…for exactly the reasons you mentioned.



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