Halloween Baby

Our daughter, Jamie, was born on Halloween. What a beautiful Halloween baby, and what joy she brought into our lives 29 years ago! For years I made her a new Halloween costume for her birthday, and she always chose to be some kind of animal. She’d put the costume on at Halloween, and then wear it every day for months. She’d literally become that animal and play the role of tiger, bluebird, or mouse until the costume had holes in the knees and just had to be retired. Her imagination was boundless.


Jamie has grown up to be a lovely, sensitive, creative artist. Her projects and her vision have always taken my breath away. Even her first sketches and colorings as a very little girl showed her ability to see the world through unique, creative eyes. She is still a joy to us, with her art, her humor, and her beauty. Happy birthday, Jamie.

8 thoughts on “Halloween Baby

  1. Cath

    I have a Halloween baby too… our youngest daughter was born on that day, 31 years ago. It does seem to me that Halloween children are a tiny bit special in a way it’s hard to put your finger on.


  2. Gentle Reader

    Happy birthday to Jamie! One of my good friends was born on Halloween–I think it’s a special time to have a birthday, and I love celebrating with her. Hope Jamie enjoyed her day 🙂


  3. jenclair

    Halloween is a great day for a birthday! Everyone is celebrating, but in a way that adds to the birthday. Great post and best wishes to the birthday girl!


  4. Matt

    That is a beautiful patch of memory. The tiger costume looks so cute and fitting on her.

    I was supposed to be due on Oct 31, but I refused to leave my mother’s womb until 18 days later!


  5. rachele

    Happy Birthday Jamie! We love you so much and are lucky to have such a wonderful sister and auntie in our lives. My animal sounds are a bit lame, so hopefully you can help me teach Kai some good ones!! You are such a talented and creative artist and Kai enjoys your creations very much. We love you so much and hope you had a wonderful birthday.



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