Under the Weather, or How to Feel Sorry For Oneself

Due to a very nasty cold, I haven’t had much reading or blogging time this week. It’s always a busy time of year, but I found November to be unbelievably hectic…and I’m glad it’s over! Here’s my November recipe for the exhaustion that brought on my cold:

  • Husband traveled to California to help close-out his mother’s house because she is now in an Alzheimer’s facility
  • I traveled to Oregon to spend a fun extended weekend with the Grandboy
  • Upon return from California, husband had a medical emergency (kidney stone…ouch!)
  • Add to the normal busy-ness of each week in my 2nd grade classroom, the task of preparing report cards (It’s an online report card system … and half-way through the process, the school district deleted my account by accident … fortunately I got all my grades back after a very stressful 24 hours!)
  • Report cards were then followed by 27 intense parent-teacher conferences (very supportive parents this year…which explains why my kids are so nice!)
  • Student #28 arrived to join my class. Very sweet girl and a wonderful student (!), but 28 is an enormous number of students to have in 2nd grade!
  • Thanksgiving travel…a joyful Thanksgiving with the Grandboy, but traffic between Seattle and Portland, and then Portland and Seattle, was horrendous!

Needless to say, I am very glad that November is over. I’m hoping that December will be much calmer (as chaotic as it can be) by comparison! I’ll stop complaining now, and I promise I’ll get back to blogging about BOOKS very soon, I hope.

10 thoughts on “Under the Weather, or How to Feel Sorry For Oneself

  1. Chris

    As long as your blogging, I’m happy..whether it’s about books or just life in general 😉 Sounds like a crazy November! I hope that December is calmer for you too. You should get a nice little break from work, huh? And I hope you feel better soon too! I can’t stand colds!


  2. Nymeth

    I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling down, Robin 😦 It really sounds like November was quite a rough month for you. But December will be better for sure. And don’t worry about not blogging about books lately… it’s a pleasure to read you, whatever the topic is.


  3. Bookgirl

    That is definitely a lot of stuff going on. Hope your husband is feeling much better.
    Take care Robin and sending you some calm vibes and hope that December will be much better!


  4. Kay

    Oh Robin, I’m sending big giant hugs to you! You guys have had a season haven’t you? I’ve been there with moving parents and closing out their house (we’re still working on that) and moving my dad to an Azlheimer facility. It is tough, isn’t it? My husband has been blessed with a lovely kidney stone as well. You take care of yourself, girl, and we will love whatever you post. But don’t worry about it. I’m off books this month too! Here’s to a peaceful December. I’m thinking about you!


  5. Cath

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a calm and peaceful December for you, Robin. Really sorry you’re under the weather. Some months are best left behind as quickly as possible…


  6. Robin

    Thank you all so much for your well wishes, Chris, Nymeth, Bookgirl, Kay, Cath, Tara, and Tanabata! We stayed home all weekend, watched old movies, read, and recovered. We are both feeling more rested tonight and finally “on the mend.” I think life just piled up on us, as it tends to do at times. It helps to have kind friends reach out to us. Thank you.


  7. Nan -

    Whew, I need a nap just reading about your month. I hope your husband is okay. What a hard thing to be coping with Alzheimer’s. Was the house his childhood home?


  8. Robin

    Hi Nan. We’re finally on the mend here, although still fighting the left-over guck from our colds. My husband’s Mom’s house was NOT his childhood home, which would have made this process even more difficult. It’s just a sad time for a family. Thanks for your kind thoughts.



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