Christmas Time is Finally Here, Too!

I just had to chuckle when I read a recent post by my blogging friend, Chris, at Stuff As Dreams Are Made On. In his post, “Christmas Time Is Finally Here,” he shared with us that it just hadn’t felt like Christmas yet because the temperatures in his town had been a balmy 85 degrees. But he was happy to report that the weather had changed, the temperature had dropped to 41 degrees, his teeth were chattering in the car, and it finally felt like Christmas time! Well, I’m happy to report that it finally feels like Christmas time here, too! Different reasons, though.

Christmas time is finally here for me because I didn’t have to get up this morning and teach second grade! “Winter Break” has arrived, and for the next two weeks I’m going to enjoy family (the Grandboy is coming for Christmas!), festive fun (we’re all looking forward to our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of homemade spaghetti), and freedom! And I have to admit to being very, very tired, too … after my first holiday season with second graders, I’m going to need a few naps to catch up with myself!

6 thoughts on “Christmas Time is Finally Here, Too!

  1. Chris

    I’m so glad your break has arrived and you get to enjoy your time with your family! Enjoy your time off, you deserve it 🙂

    And Christmas got even better today as my Secret Santa Gift arrived 😀 Thank you so much Robin! You’re just the sweetest person. You couldn’t have put together a more perfect package. I’m in love with the lotus flower as I love candles and anything Eastern, so that’s perfect and I’ve been enjoying the CD all day. Can’t wait to kick back with some of the coffee and sweets and read my book! A very merry Christmas to you and your family! I’ll have a post up later 🙂


  2. Robin

    Thanks, Chris! And I’m so glad your package arrived! I’m a very late Santa Elf this year on sending all my packages, so I’m very happy that you got it and are enjoying it.


  3. Bookgirl's Nightstand

    I can relate to Chris… Our weather this week has been so nice – upper 60s and sunny. I keep thinking I have weeks before Christmas 🙂
    Enjoy your winter break and hope you get in some naps!


  4. Bookfool

    Yep, it does feel more Christmasy when school is out and the teeth are chattering. We did a funny thing in Hawaii – drove to a mall my husband likes (he’s been there, before) and completely forgot we were doing so on a Saturday with under two weeks left till Christmas. There wasn’t anyplace to park, of course, so we ended up in a logjam in the midst of Honolulu, laughing at what a dopey idea that was. And, we’d been passing Christmas decorations, but it still didn’t occur to us!

    Hope you have a terrific Christmas, enjoy the grandboy, and get all caught up on your sleep. 🙂



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