Christmas Entertainment

It doesn’t take much to entertain the Grandparents or the Grandboy around here! Gramps and the Grandboy spent a great deal of this Christmas holiday investigating the timer switch on our lamp. It just takes a toggle switch, two little thumbs, a Gramps to encourage the effort…and, magically, the light goes on and off, and on and off… All those presents were great, but the timer switch was really cool!

7 thoughts on “Christmas Entertainment

  1. Robin

    It was so much fun, Nymeth. Of course he was too young to really know what was going on, but he loved the wrapping paper, the pretty lights, and playing all kinds of games with his Gramps.

    Thanks, Cath. He’s so much fun and has brought such joy into our lives.


  2. Nan -

    Oh, he is just a doll, and aren’t you so lucky to be able to spend this time with him. And I love the way you call him the Grandboy. So, so cute.



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