Christmas Music

It was a poignant coincidence. While wrapping the last of the Christmas presents on Sunday afternoon and playing with the Grandboy, who likes to listen to jazz, I dug out an old Christmas CD that we haven’t listened to in years. Oscar Peterson Christmas is a collection of mellow jazz renditions of Christmas favorites, perfect music for wrapping or unwrapping presents, or for playing in the background during Christmas Eve dinner! The sad coincidence is that jazz great, Oscar Peterson, passed away on Sunday.

I grew up listening to the music of Oscar Peterson. My family probably wore out his West Side Story album, the vinyl finally getting pretty scratchy. I’d have to ask my oldest brother, a jazz musician himself, about the other Peterson albums we listened to, but I’m sure that one of them was The Trio, which was released in 1961, and included the song In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning, which I loved. So, although the man is gone, his music lives on in our home and in our hearts.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Music

  1. Nan -

    I have that album, too, Robin, and actually did a blog entry on it last year. I was saddened at his passing, as well. I’d like to get some more, non-Christmas, cds of his, and wondered if you might recommend something other than WSS. Have you heard Sinatra singing In The Wee Small Hours? Oh, is it wonderful. I’m a big jazz fan and would love to talk more with you – who you love, what cds you own, etc.


  2. Robin

    Nan, growing up with a jazz musician in the family (who was 6 years older than me) definitely made a devoted jazz fan of me. Another Oscar Peterson album I enjoy is O. P. Plays the Harold Arlen Song Book. We listened to a lot of different artists, including Dave Brubeck, George Shearing (I actually met him once.), and Miles Davis (Kind of Blue is my favorite of his albums).

    I love Fred Hersch Plays Rogers & Hammerstein. However, my all-time, very favorite jazz album is Keith Jarrett’s The Melody at Night with You.

    I’ve listened to the music you’ve posted from time to time on your blog, and enjoyed it all very much. We need to keep this conversation going! What are your favorites?


  3. Nan -

    What does the jazz musician play? Is he or she in a group? I hadn’t heard of Kind of Blue until Runaway Bride! And now I love it, and just about everybody includes it as one of the best ever. I love Zoot Sims, and Stacey Kent, as you know from the blog.:<) I haven't featured as much music in the last few months. I guess I've been reading more, wanting it quiet? I'm just not sure. I love Madeleine Peyroux; do you like her? I like the "new" crooners like Michael Buble and Tony DeSare. I have the KJ and like it. Someone in a record store recommended it, telling me it was songs for his wife.



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