Blogging, on pause

My blogging has been On Pause this week. Things have been hectic…not bad, just busy. I will soon return to my reading (slowed down), my posts (there haven’t been any!), and visiting my favorite blogs and getting caught up on your reading and your lives!

In the meantime…I’m almost finished with Heart of Darkness; I’m reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane to my second graders; And all is well…

7 thoughts on “Blogging, on pause

  1. Susan

    I just tagged you for a meme, before I realized you were “on pause.” LOL. Oh well, if you get the time, check it out at Until then, have a great “pause!”


  2. Robin

    Thanks for tagging me for that meme, Susan. I’ll post about it soon. I’m almost through “pausing” here. After today I can get back to normal.


  3. Bookfool

    Sometimes we all have to step away for a while. And, goodness, you’re reading Joseph Conrad. That can’t be fast reading. I just checked out a Kate DiCamillo book, but they didn’t have Edward Tulane. Darn. I think the one I grabbed is The Tiger Rising?


  4. Jill

    I am so looking forward to hearing what you thought of Heart of Darkness! Get through your to-do list and we’ll still be around!


  5. Robin

    Thanks, Jenclair.

    Bookfool, I haven’t read The Tiger Rising, but I’ve loved everything else I’ve read by her, so you can’t go wrong!

    Jill, I’ve just finished Heart of Darkness and am working on my review. It might take a while before I post it…there’s so much to think about!

    Nymeth, my students are loving Edward Tulane!



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