I love to experience synchronicity! It happened today, and has left me contemplating the loveliness of life and the interconnectedness of everything…

So what happened today? Yesterday, I wrote a post about two lovely books/memoirs I just finished reading, both written by Alma Flor AdaWhere the Flame Trees Bloom, and Under the Royal Palms. Today, I was thrilled to discover that she had somehow found my post and had written a comment on my blog, thanking me for my “kind words” about her books. I read her comments during my lunch break, and when my students came back in from recess, I shared with them my excitement that this author I so respect would take the time to write to me about her books. My second graders listened and asked a few questions, and agreed that it was a “pretty cool” thing that happened.

But then…while my students were busy working on a math assignment, I pulled out our reading textbook to prepare for tomorrow’s reading lesson. Being new to this grade level this year, I’m not familiar with the stories in the basal reader, and I hadn’t looked ahead to see what story was next. When I opened the book, I was completely amazed to discover that the story my students will read tomorrow is called “The Rooster Who Went to His Uncle’s Wedding: A Latin American Folktale,” retold by Alma Flor Ada! It’s one of her grandmother’s stories, a delightful tale, and my students will be reading it knowing that their teacher and the author share a passion for reading and writing and remembering. Isn’t that awesome?

13 thoughts on “Synchronicity

  1. Chris

    That’s incredible Robin – the fact that the author left a comment and the nice twist of fate. It’s nice how the universe works sometimes, eh?


  2. Nymeth

    That is indeed awesome!

    I was reading the comment she left you, and she sounds not only like a great author but like a very kind and approachable person…which makes me want to read her books even more!


  3. Alma Flor Ada

    Dear Robin:
    Now you can tell your students you have an author friend and they do too!
    Perhaps this will be another way to emphasize to them how important it is to use our voice.
    The fact that you take up the time to write a blog, and make an effort for it to be appealing to your readers has the consequence of meeting new people –albeit digitally– and receive in turn their thoughts.
    This could be an encouragement for them to both develop their writing skills and equally (if not even more important) develop their awareness of voice. We all have voice, but it doesn’t always emerge. There are too many submerged voices of those who do not believe they have something valuable to share.
    Most of my work of the last years has been encouraging everyone to use that voice and write their own words — you are a wonderful example.
    I hope you enjoy sharing The rooster who went to his uncle’s wedding. It is very easy to turn it into a play –with as much or less props as you may wish–. When I visit schools is one of the things I enjoy doing. Call someone to be the rooster, and then others to be the grass, the lamb, the dog, the stick, the fire, the water and the sun. Many children can participate (it’s even possible to have 2 kids together for each role) Their lines are brief and if they stand on a line once they say it, it becomes easy to follow. We usually have the sun stand on a chair… Just an idea. All best wishes and my love for your students. Alma Flor


  4. Melissa

    I was going to post about how totally cool the author sought your review out and commented on it (it’s happened to me a couple of times, and I always get excited when it does), and then I get to the comments and she’s commented again. She must be a really wonderful person (you are, too… there’s your ego boost for the day!)


  5. Kay

    I just love the word synchronicity. Anyway, isn’t it just lovely when it all comes together? Life is just amazing sometimes. I know you were pleased to hear from such a special author. Your students are so lucky to have you!


  6. Robin

    Dear Alma Flor,
    My students and I are so excited to “meet” you through internet, and they were very happy to know they have an “author friend.” Me, too! Yesterday morning’s reading lesson was wonderful. They loved “The Rooster…”, and we decided to use it for some reader’s theater, as you suggested. Since I have 28 students, each character was assigned to at least 2 students, and the kids decided that they would like to make a stick puppet of their character. Then they can hold the puppet up while they read their part of the story. They are trying to make their puppets look quite a bit like the illustrations in the reader (wonderful illustrations!) and I think they’re turning out very nicely. With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, we’ve had lots of interruptions, but we should be ready for a performance on Friday. Our principal and our 5th grade buddies have agreed to join us so that we have an audience! (They were also very excited to hear of our “author connection.”) And, yes, our Sun will be standing on a chair! They particularly loved your idea about that. I’ll take photos, and post them here. What a wonderful interaction this has been for both me and my students!
    I also appreciate your encouragement to write, to preserve the stories that make up our lives, and to make our voices heard. This is one of the reasons I started blogging, and I’ve really enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people out there who share my passion for reading and for writing. And meeting you has been such a pleasure this week!
    Best Regards,

    Hi Chris, yes, I love the way the universe works sometimes! And this has been an incredibly nice experience this week.

    Hi Nymeth. Knowing your love of folklore, I’m sure you’d enjoy her books!

    Hey Melissa…thanks for the ego boost! I’ve been delighted with this conversation with Alma Flor!

    Hi Kay, yes, it’s a wonderful word and an incredible feeling when it happens. This has been particularly amazing for me, and so nice for my students.


  7. Gentle Reader

    Kismet! And now you’ve started such a great conversation with this wonderful author. And I’ve gotten to listen in–thanks–and isn’t that the power of the internet, and fate? How wonderful 🙂


  8. Booklogged

    Wonderfully good karma going around here. It’s even cheering up my day which has been very gloomy until now. I haven’t read anything by Alma Flor Ada, but I’m sure going to pick something up now.

    The reader’s theater sounds like it’s going to be a real treat for all. Can’t wait to see the pictures.


  9. Jill

    This is such a splendid story. That you wrote the entry which speaks to your love of books, that the author was pleased enough to drop a comment on the blog, that your students now know that magic like this *can* happen. If you ever do that exercise of having the students write a letter to an author of their choice, this will go a long way to convincing them that an answer — even an actual conversation — is entirely possible!



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