Brian Froud’s Faerielands

One of the terrific things about participating in Carl V’s Once Upon a Time Challenge is that you are introduced to so many new authors that you might not have discovered easily on your own. During last year’s Challenge, there were some great reviews of Charles de Lint’s books, and they all sounded so interesting I decided to choose one of his books to read for this year’s OUAT2 Challenge. It turns out that the book I chose (which had such a nice cover), The Wild Wood, is one of 4 books written as part of a special project started in 1991 by the wonderfully talented artist, Brian Froud.

I loved the idea of this project and have just finished reading each of the four books. What an enjoyable experience! Here is Brian Froud’s description of his project, and a list of the four books along with photos of the paintings that inspired each book. My reviews of each of the books will follow in the next few days.

“I [Brian Froud] created the Faerielands art in the summer and autumn of 1991. Later that autumn I met with four authors who were to write the books, Charles De Lint, Patricia McKillip, Midori Snyder, and Terri Windling, along with the series co-creator Robert Gould and the producer Byron Preiss, and spread out the drawings and paintings I’d completed–over fifty of them in all. The writers divided the images among them, choosing the ones they were most drawn to, and then they each went away to write the story the pictures whispered to them.” 

“They had the freedom to write whatever they chose, just as I’d had the freedom to paint what I chose; yet we’d agreed on a central premise: a recognition that Faerie, inextricably bound as it is to nature and natural forces, is gravely threatened by the ecological crises that human beings have brought to our world.”

The Wild Wood, by Charles de Lint








The Wood Wife, by Terri Windling








Something Rich and Strange, by Patricia A. McKillip








Hannah’s Garden, by Midori Snyder

5 thoughts on “Brian Froud’s Faerielands

  1. Chris

    Those paintings are incredible! I love Froud’s stuff and these are top notch! I’m so glad that you told us all about this project…I would’ve never known the story behind this if not.


  2. Nymeth

    I had no idea about this project before you mentioned it. It’s such a cool idea. I look forward to your review of all four books!


  3. Jill

    I always recommend the work of Patricia A. McKillip! I’ll be interested in hearing what you think of her contribution to the series.


  4. Robin

    I love those painting, too, Chris. And I love the idea of writing a book inspired by one of them. Which one would you choose?

    I agree, Nymeth…it’s such a cool idea. I’ve enjoyed all four books in different ways. It’s just taking me awhile to write the reviews.

    Rhinoa, I hope you enjoy them as you read them over the next few years!

    Jill, I’m going to have to read more of McKillip’s books because I loved Something Rich and Strange.



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