Faerielands: Hannah’s Garden

Cassie Brittman is a typical 17 year old, busily preparing for her violin recital and looking forward to going to the prom with her boyfriend, but life intervenes. Cassie and her mother receive notice that her grandfather, a renowned artist, is in intensive care. They immediately head north to the family farm, only to find the house, and the garden that had been planted by her grandmother, in chaos and disrepair, and nothing is as it should be.

Cassie and her mother soon find themselves in the middle of an ancient conflict between two warring clans: the green clan and the red clan. By reading her grandmother’s journals, she discovers that her beloved and enigmatic grandfather is half nature spirit and half human, and that her grandmother’s spiral garden is the gateway between the two warring clans. Cassie must find a way to help the green clan, and her family, survive.

He stopped me with one sharp glance and a raised hand. “You’re one piece of a larger puzzle. You can’t begin to know how many other pieces depend on your for their survival as a whole. That’s the problem with you humans. The day you discovered you had brains, you yanked yourselves out of the puzzle, figuring you could stand on your own. While the rest of us cling to the pieces that threaten to break apart for good.”

Midori Snyder wrote Hannah’s Garden as part of Brian Froud’s Faerielands series, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading all four books in the series for Carl V’s Once Upon a Time II challenge. Brian Froud had a great idea when he started this project and brought together four such terrific writers. I highly recommend reading each book in the series to experience the full impact of Froud’s project and influence.

4 thoughts on “Faerielands: Hannah’s Garden

  1. Rhinoa

    This sounds great, I love the pictures you put up. I have two books from this series and am hoping to get the other two at some stage so I can read them all in a row. Thanks for the review.


  2. Carl V.

    I’m glad to hear this one also lived up to the standard of the others. I’ve been wanting to read Midori Snyder’s work ever since she was so nice and helpful in getting us great Endicott Studio merchandise for last year’s Once Upon a Time Challenge. I’ll be picking this one up for sure.


  3. Robin

    Thanks, Rhinoa and Carl. Something happened with the publishing of this book in the series… Midori ended up rewriting it as a book for young adults, and it wasn’t published with Froud’s artwork, like the other ones. But it’s definitely an important book in the series and adds a lot to it.

    Nymeth, the four books together make for an interesting reading experience. I enjoyed them all.



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