Bird Song

Last year the crows nested in one of the tall trees very close to us, and as a result, we listened to the sounds of baby crows all spring and summer and didn’t get to enjoy many of our usual songbirds. This year, they’ve nested a little further away in the greenbelt, so there’s a greater variety of birdsong to enjoy. I suspect they’ve moved their nesting place this year because of a new neighbor. I’ve heard the sound of this new bird numerous times, especially in the early morning or when we stand next to the greenbelt at the side of our place. I was quite sure it was an owl, so this morning I spent quite a bit of time at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology web site, listening to the sounds of various owls, and was finally able to identify our neighbor. Click on the photo to visit the lab and learn all about this handsome bird.

4 thoughts on “Bird Song

  1. ____Maggie

    I love owls, we have Barn Owls in our town. They fly in circles clicking for food. I’m not sure how it works, but I’ve seen them come down to get the cat. With a closer look they fly away. Rather Kewl! 🙂


  2. Robin

    Maggie, I’ve been so excited to realize it’s an owl so close by! I’m hoping to catch a glimpse of it, but so far I haven’t been able to see it.


  3. Nan -

    Robin, I don’t know if you get notice of comments on old posts, but I just left one on your Far Away and Long Ago review. It was so good.

    We had an owl for a day a few weeks ago.


  4. Robin

    Nan, I’m so glad you found my review of Far Away and Long Ago. I loved that book, and my husband read it when I finished, and he enjoyed it, too.
    I hope our new owl neighbor stays for more than a week!



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