Book Awards Challenge II

Michelle, at 1morechapter, is hosting the second Book Awards Challenge. I was sorry I missed this challenge last year because I read and enjoy many award-winning books. So I scoured my shelves yesterday and came up with a list of books I already own that will get me started on this new challenge.

Here are the rules:

  • Read 10 award winners from August 1, 2008 through June 1, 2009.
  • You must have at least FIVE different awards in your ten titles.
  • Overlaps with other challenges are permitted.
  • You don’t have to post your choices right away, and your list can change at any time.
  • ‘Award winners’ is loosely defined; make the challenge fit your needs, keeping in mind Rule #2.
  • Have fun reading!

My Possible Reads: (I will add to or substitute books from this list, but these are all books already on my massive TBR list!)

PULITZER: The Bridge of San Luis Rey, Thornton Wilder
PULITZER: The Yearling, Margorie Kinnan Rawlings
HUGO: The Yiddish Policeman’s Union, Michael Chabon
NEBULA: Neuromancer, William Gibson
SASQUATCH: The Ghost’s Grave, Peg Kehret
MYTHOPOEIC finalist: Inkheart, Cornelia Funke
MYTHOPOEIC: Ombria in Shadow, Patricia McKillip
NEWBERY: The Higher Power of Lucky, Susan Patron
EDGAR: Chasing Vermeer, by Blue Balliett
PURA BELPRE: Esperanza Rising, Pam Munoz Ryan
AGATHA: Birds of a Feather, by Jacqueline Winspear
NOBEL: Sons (Good Earth trilogy, Vol.2), Pearl S. Buck
NOBEL: something by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

8 thoughts on “Book Awards Challenge II

  1. Nan

    I love the logo, icon, whatever it is called, for this challenge. I’ll be interested in your reviews. I hadn’t realized The Yearling was nonfiction. There’s a movie – not The Yearling but one where the author is the main character. I’ll have to go look it up. … I did and it is Cross Creek with Mary Steenburgen. It was very good as I recall. I loved the Winspear, and I have Chasing Vermeer and really must read it soon. Oh, and Esperanza Rising was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I learned so much and it was a great story.


  2. Robin

    Nan, I’m sureThe Yearling is fiction — it won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1939. It’s one I’ve wanted to read for years and years, so it’s time. I loved Cross Creek, with Mary Steenburgen!


  3. tanabata

    I didn’t realise that Inkheart had won an award. Now I can add it into my pool of possible books too! 🙂


  4. Robin

    Tanabata, I was relying on too many notes and lists when I put this list together. In checking back, Inkheart was actually a finalist, not a winner, for the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award. I’ll have to check with Michelle to see if that will be acceptable for this challenge. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


  5. Rhinoa

    I have been thinking about signing up for this and think I will if it is still open. Will decide my books as I go along as I am already doing so many challenges. Looks like you have some great books picked out.


  6. Robin

    Thanks, Rhinoa. I realized I have a lot of award-winning books already on my shelves, so I was happy to see that Michelle was going to host a Challenge II. And I think there’s still plenty of time to sign up.



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