Goodbye, Olive

Olive Riley was the oldest blogger in the world. This amazing lady was 108 years young, an Australian, and an inspiration to all! I’ve had her link on my sidebar since I started my own blog, because she was truly an inspiration. She embraced life and lived it fully, with humor. Olive passed away on July 12th, and a lovely light has gone out of the world. If you haven’t heard of her or read her “blob,” as she called it, you must! It’s called The Life of Riley and it’s worth spending time reading through her archives. There’s a lot to learn from her!

6 thoughts on “Goodbye, Olive

  1. Robin

    Wow! I’m thrilled! Thanks so much, Donna, for thinking of me and for your kind words. You’ve made my day … heck, you’ve made my year!


  2. mike

    Robin, thanks for the lovely note on Olive. The photos you use show me videoing olive at a famous sunset lookout, a few miles outside Broken Hill.

    That was taken during the filming of her movie, All About olive.

    I really thought she’d make 110. As we were leaving BH, I saw a man watering newly planet olive trees and asked him how long it would take for the trees to bear fruit.

    He guessed there’d be something to nibble on in 2010.

    “There you go,Ollie,” I said. “We’ve an appointment back here at this spot in 2010 so you can be the first to taste these namesakes of yours.”

    “Don’t count your chickens,” she said. “Not bloody likely, Mike,” and she was right.

    Anyway, I just cant close the blog, not yet, even though I’m getting heat from some family members.

    Thanks again, Mike the helper, the scribe.


  3. Robin

    Mike, thanks so much for commenting on my post. You were wonderful to be the “helper and the scribe,” as you put it, and to make it possible for people around the world to get to know Olive through her blob. She will be greatly missed. I hope the family will consider leaving the blog intact, because there are others that have just discovered it, and it’s such a treasure. Whatever is finally decided, however, it has certainly enriched my life and shown me of the beauty of the human spirit. Please pass along my condolences to her family. She was a special lady.


  4. Nymeth

    I wasn’t familiar with her blog. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Robin. Her stories really do sound inspiring.



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