The Unstrung Harp

The Unstrung Harp, or Mr. Earbrass Writes a Novel, by Edward Gorey, is a little gem of a book. I love to read books about writing, and this one takes first place. Full if insight and wicked humor (of course!), it was a perfect book for a quiet Sunday afternoon, and a perfect addition to my list of books read for Carl V’s RIP3 Challenge.

It takes you through the entire process of writing a novel. Click on the picture below to see an example of the spot-on humor and the fun.

On the day after Mr. Earbrass finishes his novel:

5 thoughts on “The Unstrung Harp

  1. Robin

    J.Danger, I love Gorey’s art work. The whole thing–story and illustrations is fun.

    Bookfool, the whole book is cute like that. It was a fun, short little read.


  2. Carl V.

    Gorey’s books are so great, and because I grew up reading library books with Gorey illustrations in them just seeing one of his drawings brings such a wave of pleasant nostalgia. Did you notice the Gorey sticker on the book for my challenge banner? It felt like a shame not to include him in some way in the banner this year.

    I don’t recall reading this book but it looks like yet another that I have to have!


  3. Robin

    Carl, yes, I thought it was great that you included a Gorey illustration in the RIP3 banner! It wouldn’t seem right somehow with some Gorey! If you haven’t read this little book, you’d enjoy it, I’m sure.



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