Pilgrimage to Port Townsend

Saturday morning, my music teacher friend, Katie, and I made another pilgrimage to Port Townsend to visit our retired teacher friend, Leslie. I was teammates with Leslie for 12 years, and she’s been a friend for 16, so you can imagine how much I miss her since she retired and moved away! But Port Townsend is a fun place to visit and not too far away. You get there by ferry, and we had an absolutely beautiful day for the trip!

So…Katie and I took the ferry from Edmonds to Kingston…

Leslie picked us up and drove us directly to the Tyler Street Coffee House in downtown Port Townsend, where we spent hours sipping coffee and talking non-stop…

Then Leslie took us to her lovely home and fed us a delicious, healthy lunch, as we continued to talk non-stop. After lunch, we sat in her living room and listened to some of our all-time favorite music on her wonderful sound system, and looked out across the beautiful water of Port Townsend Bay. The friends, the view out the window, the music … it was the nicest Saturday I’ve had in a long time.

6 thoughts on “Pilgrimage to Port Townsend

  1. Booklogged

    I hope you know you’re ripping my heart out. Your trip sounds absolutely exquisite. I want to visit upper Washington so bad. To live there and be able to visit the surrounding areas must be like being in heaven.

    Good for the three of you that you enjoyed such a wonderful visit.


  2. Robin

    Hi Booklogged, sorry about your heart! But you need to visit here, and September is a beautiful time to do it! Port Townsend is off the beaten track, but is a great little town. Lots of artists and all kinds of activities!

    Hi Petunia, you’ll have to come back and visit Port Townsend. It’s a fun town. Did you ever see the movie An Officer and a Gentleman? They filmed it in Port Townsend.


  3. Nan

    Robin that was great! And the video was perfect. Have you seen Love Actually? Watched the extras? The director talks about how carefully the music was chosen, and he used the older-Joni version of Both Sides Now surrounding the older married couple. It was really so excellent. Wow, her voice has changed more than many as she has aged – those cigarettes probably. :<) Funny how some change and others don't. Ian Tyson's voice is as strong in his seventies as when he was young. Van's is lower but still very strong.


  4. Silvia

    It is such a pleasure to visit your exquisite blog, my dear friend. I do not write you often but this is the nicest way to know about your life. Even more, to learn about your inner life…


  5. Robin

    Nan, I haven’t seen Love Actually, but put it on our Netflix queue after reading your comment! We’ll definitely watch the special features, too. Yes, Joni Mitchell’s voice sounds very weathered.

    Hola, Silvia. I’m so glad to have you visit my blog again! We’ve had a wonderful long weekend with the Grandboy, so I’ll write and tell you all about it! Un abrazo muy grande!



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