An Undeniable Spirit…

Photo by Donna 

The book blogging world is a warm and welcoming one. I started my own blog almost two years ago (two years in January), and have met some wonderful friends that share my passion for reading, writing, and all things bookish.

One of the friends that entered my world shortly after I started blogging is Donna, The Between-Place. I think we actually met through Carl V’s Once Upon a Time challenge. Donna is a grad student and a poet, and as I began to read her posts on a daily basis, I discovered that she has an incredible spirit — she’s adventurous, independent, insightful, full of fun, and a gifted poet. Her blog is a journey worth taking. Go back through the archives and start at the beginning. Read all her poems, listen to the music she mentions, enjoy her photographs, and discover a person that lives life to the fullest.

Last month I discovered that Donna is very ill. The headaches she described a few months ago were the first sign that something was very wrong, and indeed, she is fighting cancer. She is now undergoing some very difficult treatments and fighting a noble battle. In an email she sent me last month, she said:

“So my life has changed 180 degrees, and I no longer have a clear idea of future paths. But I have an undeniable spirit of survival and an amazing network of caring and supportive friends and family. This too I shall get through.” 

I wrote her and asked if I could let some of her blogging friends know. I thought I would email everyone on her blogroll, but soon discovered that not everyone has an email address posted. So instead, I’m writing this post so that those of you that have followed Donna’s blog for so long, know why she is quiet right now, and so that we can all lend our thoughts and prayers to her network of love and support.

We’re thinking of you, Donna.

6 thoughts on “An Undeniable Spirit…

  1. Gentle Reader

    Beautiful poetry and obviously a beautiful person. I’m sorry I didn’t get to know her blog before now. I’m sending my best wishes for her recovery. Thanks, Robin, for introducing me to Donna.


  2. Nymeth

    I didn’t know Donna’s blog either, though her name is familiar… I think I remember seeing her commenting on some of the same blogs I visit. She does sound like an amazing person, and I’m also sending my best wishes her way.


  3. Robin

    Thanks to each of you, Gentle Reader, Nymeth, Bookfool, Cath, and Nan. I know that Donna read and deeply appreciated your well-wishes.



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