Ambitious Plans!

Reading challenges are hard to resist! My reading time in the last month has been almost non-existent because of report cards, parent conferences, and life in general. But that doesn’t stop me from looking at all the terrific new 2009 Reading Challenges out there and being tempted to commit to reading more books than time allows. Oh well…it’s only time…and since I’m just completing some old challenges, I think I’ll go right ahead and sign up for some new ones: Rhinoa’s Manga Challenge; Historia’s Shakespeare Challenge; Callista’s Jewish Literature Challenge; and Sarah G’s Art History Challenge. Also, because I am such a supporter of my local library, and because I love listening to audiobooks, I’m going to join J.Kaye’s Support Your Local Library Challenge and her Audiobook Challenge! I’ll set up separate posts that can be updated as I progress through these challenges, and I’m glad that crossovers and substitutions are allowed. This ambitious project should keep me out of trouble for awhile!

4 thoughts on “Ambitious Plans!

  1. Chris

    Ambitious plans indeed! I’m checking my google reader and seeing all these challenge posts from you, lol! Good luck to you Robin!!!!


  2. Robin

    Thanks, Chris! I’ll need it! You know me…”I’m not a joiner,” is what I said at one point. Yeh, right. But all these challenges look so good I just couldn’t resist! And I didn’t even include the fact that anything Carl V puts out there is instantly on my list… Oh boy.


  3. Petunia

    Some of these challenges look good (very tempting!) but I have just bowed out of the last four I signed up for so I can commiting to not joining any challenges right now. Best of luck to you.



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