Historia’s Shakespeare Challenge

(All the World’s a Stage, by James C. Christensen)

Historia, at BiblioShakespeare, is hosting a new Shakespeare challenge for 2009. I have so many Shakespeare books on my shelf, but haven’t gotten around to reading them, so this challenge is just perfect for me! I’m looking forward to spending more time enjoying the Bard in 2009! Thanks, Historia!

The rules are simple:
• You can read anything about or related to Shakespeare – fiction or non fiction, straight bio or authorship debate – and you can read the plays and sonnets as well.
• Read 6 books in 12 months
• Starts January 1st 2009
• Ends December 31st 2009

1. Shakespeare’s Wife, by Germaine Greer
2. Shakespeare Sketchbook, by Renwick St. James; artwork by James C. Christensen
3. Shakespeare Alive!, by Joseph Papp
4. A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare: 1599, by James Shapiro
5. Introduction to Shakespeare, by Marchette Chute
6. Shakespeare, by Anthony Burgess

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