Rhinoa’s Manga Challenge

The rules are:

• Read at least 6 Manga novels in 2009 (crossovers with other challenges are fine, and please feel free to read more!).
• You do not need to set a list of books to read in advance, just fill them in as you go if it’s easier.

Since I’m not very familiar with the Manga world and all the choices available, I’m going to start by reading some of the Manga Shakespeare! I’m looking forward to this introduction to a whole new reading world! Thanks, Rhinoa!

1. Manga Shakespeare: Macbeth
2. Manga Shakespeare: The Tempest
3. Return to Labyrinth, Vol. 1, by Jake T. Forbes

2 thoughts on “Rhinoa’s Manga Challenge

  1. Rhinoa

    Thanks so much for signing up. I just bought my mum Manga Hamlet for Christmas but don’t tell her! I hope you enjoy the challenge.


  2. Robin

    Rhinoa, since I’ve never read any Manga, I know I’m going to enjoy it. I’m sure your mum will like her Christmas present!…I’m hoping to get some for Christmas, too!



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