Windstorm Update

The predicted high winds with gusts up to 75-90 mph didn’t materialize here last night, thank goodness! We did have enough wind to make the icicles that formed on the street light outside our window stick out at a funny angle. But it wasn’t the fearful night we’d anticipated. Much relief here! Thank you so much for all your kind wishes! We’ll be checking on our family in Portland later this morning … they’re having a major cold, icy-snow, wind event there, too!

3 thoughts on “Windstorm Update

  1. Les

    I’m glad the windstorm wasn’t as awful as it could’ve been. My dad and his wife moved from Seattle to Kingston and I haven’t talked to them yet since all the snow, but I’m sure they got their share. We’re literally freezing here, but I have absolutely no reason to leave the house today, so I’ll stay in where it’s warm and cozy. And safe! The roads and sidewalks are very slick, not to mention the windchill.

    Happy first day of winter, eh? 😉


  2. Robin

    Thanks, Les! I hope your family was safe and warm in Kingston! And I’m glad you can stay in and be warm and cozy at home with your terribly cold temps, too! It’s definitely winter now!



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