MAIN ROADS: Wet, but clear of ice and snow.
SIDE ROADS: Terrible, but the ice is starting to melt!
CABIN FEVER? — Subsiding!

Thanks to all of you for your calls and comments on being snowbound in the Seattle area. For those of you that live far away, an explanation: the Seattle area is very hilly and doesn’t usually get much snow or ice, so we don’t have a lot of snow-removing equipment, and we don’t use salt on our roads because it is considered to be very bad for our sensitive wetlands and marine life. So when we get a major storm like this one, we usually just wait a day or two and it all melts and the beautiful winter green returns. However, every once in a while (like in 1990, again in 1996, and like this year), we get hit by a really mean storm, with either deep snow or terrible winds, or both. And then we’re in trouble with terrible road conditions and/or no power due to toppled trees. No fun!

B and I live at the top of a hill, and the main road down the hill has been closed for days. It’s open and clear now. However, the ice on our street will take a couple of days of serious melting to clear, and has been treacherous for walking as well as for driving. A few of our neighbors with 4-wheel drive SUVs have braved the roads in the last week, and we watched them from the window and decided not to even try it. We’ve enjoyed our snowbound activities, and our wintery walks, but it was awfully good to get out this morning and go to the grocery store. And, of course, we stopped at Starbucks (which had the longest line we’ve ever seen there) on the way home.

And I promise to get back to book reviewing soon!

11 thoughts on “Melting!

  1. Kay

    Robin, glad you guys were able to get out and about. I remember the storm in 1996. We were living in Portland at the time. Moved back to Texas in 1997. Bad weather such as you had is rare here, but when we occasionally have it (2 years ago an ice storm shut this area down for about 4 or 5 days) everything grinds to a halt.

    Enjoy this holiday week!


  2. Les

    Yay! I’m glad you were able to get out. Even with 4-wheel-drive, the ice is treacherous to navigate. I don’t think I would be as brave as your neighbors, especially with all those hills. I remember one year (visiting my dad – it had to be around 1973) coming into Seattle from the airport and heading up Denny, only to sit in the back seat with my brothers, terrified as we slid all the back down the hill – backwards! At least here in Nebraska, when we do get ice, there aren’t too many hills to worry about. šŸ™‚


  3. Robin

    Thanks, J.Danger! Me, too!

    Thanks, Gentle Reader. Yes, we’ve enjoyed the good parts, and it’s been very relaxing, which is also a nice change from our hectic work schedule.

    Thanks, Nymeth!

    Thanks, Kay! Your description perfectly describes our big Northwest storms — “everything grinds to a halt.” We have enjoyed our time at home, although we postponed our Christmas celebration until our family could get together. My best wishes to you and your family during the holidays, too!

    Oh Les! You definitely know what it’s like around here! We’ve watched many, many cars (and trucks) do that very same sliding-back-down routine. Yikes! I’m happy to say that the temperatures have warmed up and the roads are much better now.

    Hi Stephanie. You’re right! Sand just doesn’t do it. It’s got to be salt, or you just have to wait for warmer temperatures — so that’s what happens around here.


  4. Carl V.

    Glad things are clearing up for you. I love being snowed in, but then again I am a bit crazy when it comes to my love of snow. Sounds like you all made the best of it anyway. We have similar issues in Kansas City in that though there is probably more snow removal equipment than in Seattle they seem reluctant this year, probably because of the economy, to actually use it!


  5. Robin

    Carl, the economy was definitely a factor in this area’s snow removal woes. Now we’re also struggling with garbage removal woes, and that’s where we can see an even greater impact of not-enough-funds!


  6. Kailana

    I wish we didn’t use salt. It is very bad on my poor car! We could never really survive without it because even if it doesn’t snow, the roads are often a mess… but…



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