Forgive me for yet another Grandma (and yet another winter weather) post…but due to snowstorms and ice in the Pacific Northwest, our Christmas was postponed until family could safely get together. Yesterday, Christmas finally arrived, and we celebrated with much laughter and joy. It was so worth the wait! Grandboy enjoyed entertaining the Grands, who are his devoted fans. And it was so nice to spend some time with Daughter, Son and Daughter-in-Law. A joyful weekend here before we all head back to work on Monday. Favorite books of the weekend…particularly fascinating to someone who just turned two years old?

Everyone Poops, by Taro Gomi
Bright Baby First Words, by Roger Priddy
Mama, Mama/Papa, Papa, by Jean Marzollo
and, of course, Goodnight Moon, by Margaret Wise Brown

13 thoughts on “Christmas…Finally!

  1. Kay

    I’m so glad for you. That kiddo is precious! Thanks for posting such great pictures and letting us share your joy!

    I’m posting on my blog again. Stop by when you get a minute.


  2. Robin

    Hey, thanks, J.Danger! Of course I never get tired of looking at that face…can’t get enough of it.

    Thanks, Kay. I’m so glad to hear you’re posting again! I’ll stop by often!

    Thanks, JoAnn! The world’s latest Christmas celebration!


  3. Robin

    Thanks, Nymeth. It was so worth the wait. Christmas is so much fun with a two-year-old. It took hours and hours to open up presents because he would play with each thing for the longest time. Total joy!


  4. Chris

    What a beautiful little boy! He has beautiful eyes. Merry late Christmas to you Robin :p Glad it was a good one! Stay warm!


  5. Cath

    That’s one beautiful little boy. My own grandson has me similarly captivated. I suspect that’s what grandparents are for. 🙂


  6. Robin

    Thanks, Bookfool. He’s such a sweet boy. Isn’t that snowman photo terrific!? It was in the local newspaper, and I just had to share it. People are so creative!

    Thanks, Chris! The rains have returned!

    Thanks, Cath. Yes, these grandchildren are absolutely captivating. What joy they bring!

    Thanks, Tara!


  7. Les

    I’m late posting a comment, but just had to say “What a cutie!!!” Glad you were finally able to get together and celebrate Christmas. Sounds like it was a lot of fun.



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