Sci Fi Saturday

I remember well when I first saw this stunning image of earthrise! I was stunned by the beauty of the earth, seeing it this way for the first time. This one photograph changed our perspective, as the collective WE on earth realized that we were no longer earthbound and no longer the ‘center of the universe’.

This weekend I’m reading science fiction short stories as part of Carl V’s Out of this World mini-challenge. I enjoy science fiction because, simply put, it makes you think and gives you a different perspective on your life.

First story today was “How We Were Tracked by a Tripod,” by John Christopher, who wrote The Tripods Trilogy, a series of books loved by my 6th graders. I found it in an anthology of Science Fiction Stories compiled by Edward Blishen, and it was actually taken from the first book in the trilogy, called The White Mountains. (Somehow I missed the BBC TV series of this trilogy in the 80s, but I’ve heard rumors of a movie version in production.)

A post-apocalyptic, story, of an alien race (the tripods) that has taken over the earth. “Humans are controlled from the age of 14 by cranial implants called “caps”, which suppress curiosity and creativity and leave the recipient placid and docile, incapable of dissent.” In this short story, three boys have escaped before being capped, and the tripods are after them.

5 thoughts on “Sci Fi Saturday

  1. Maree

    I can’t participate in this one because, for some reason, I have no science fiction short story collections and I forgot to go to the library. I”m enjoying reading the posts of other participants, though 🙂


  2. Nymeth

    “Simply put, it makes you think and gives you a different perspective on your life.”

    Simply but very well put, Robin.

    Those “caps” sound terrifying!


  3. Carl V.

    That is such a fantastic image. I always marvel when I see pictures or video of the missions to the moon. Looking back on the earth from out in space is such an awe-inspiring thing to do, even if you are just living vicariously through someone else who was there.


  4. Robin

    Chris and Carl, this is one of my favorite photographs of all time. I’ll never forget that feeling when I saw it the first time. The mini-challenge was terrific! Thanks so much, Carl, for hosting it.



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