Independent Bookstore Reader’s Challenge

Help! I have so little self control when it comes to challenges! Here’s another one that I just have to join because it’s something I really believe in, and because I love to visit bookstores! I used to work in an independent bookstore, and it was the fulfillment of a dream. We need to appreciate and support these wonderful shops that are so full of heart and spirit! So I’m going to enjoy this one…

The challenge is being hosted by Kim and Claire at The Bookstore People, and it’s their first time hosting a challenge. Visit their very interesting blog “whose primary purpose is to highlight independent bookstores wherever we find them to encourage people to visit them and buy their books from them. We believe that bookstores are an essential part of a community, a place where ideas and thoughts are shared and explored.

Here are the Challenge Guidelines:

Go to independent bookstores that are new to you between January 1 and December 31, 2009 and have some sort of interaction. The challenge comes with different levels you can sign up for:

• Scout – Visit 2 independent bookstores (easy!)
• Specialist – Visit 2 subject matter specialty bookstores (i.e., travel, children, cooking)
• Nationalist – Visit 2 independent bookstores and 1 additional bookstore in a state you do not live in
• Continental – Visit 2 independent bookstores and 1 additional bookstore in another N. American country (that would be the USA, Canada or Mexico)
• Globetrotter – Visit 2 independent bookstores and 1 additional bookstore on a different continent (if you’re going to Europe, check out Bookstore Guide)
• Type A Personality to the Max – Satisfy any two categories

We’ll have a page dedicated to the challenge where you can sign up and leave comments. Plus, we’d love to have a review of the stores you’ve found and liked (we ignore stores with bad service or stock), we’ll post it with a description of you and a link back to your blog (if you have one), just e-mail it to me at In fact, we encourage cross posting bookstore reviews so post on your blog, Indiebound, Yelp, City Search, City Guide and any other place that would like it.

We’ll Give out a Prize!

But wait, there’s even more, at the end of the year we’ll have a random drawing among everyone who satisfied their challenge for a gift certificate from BookSense. What more could you want? Sign up now and start exploring the wonderful world of independent bookstores.

I’m going to join this challenge at the “Type A Personality to the Max” level, because if you look at the list of challenges I’ve joined for 2009, you’ll know I definitely qualify for that category!

6 thoughts on “Independent Bookstore Reader’s Challenge

  1. Scriptor Senex

    The only two independent bookstores anywhere near me are well known to me (one is my favourite coffee-ing place) and being disabled and without a car anywhere further afield is difficult. There are so few independent booksellers left in England nowadays – it’s very sad.


  2. Molly

    What a great challenge. I have wanted to try to discover more independent bookstores in my area (I only know of 4) and this challenge is a great motivator.

    Thanks also for posting to the link to the website for The Bookstore People.


  3. Robin

    Scriptor, I’d love to have a bookstore/coffee shop close by me! You’re lucky to have one that close to you. I agree that it’s very sad that there aren’t many independent booksellers these days.

    Molly, doesn’t it sound fun? An excuse to visit some new bookshops!


  4. Kim

    Robin, we’re so glad to have you with us on the Challenge and are looking forward to hearing about who you discover!

    Molly, we’d love to see you!

    Scriptor, one of the reasons we started the blog is because the bookstore/coffee shop close to us shut down, cherish yours!


  5. Robin

    Thanks, Kim! I’ll be posting soon about an independent bookstore we visited today!

    JoAnn, that’s a great link to Mr. B’s! I’d LOVE to go there!

    J.Danger, I’m completely out of control this year. I think I snapped.



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