A Two Year Old

I know you think this post is going to be about my favorite two-year-old, the Grandboy! … but it’s not! This is a post celebrating two years of blogging about books and life. I shyly started this blog two years ago today, while on a medical leave of absence from my teaching position. It was a way to interact with the outside world while recovering quietly at home. It’s become so much more than that. It’s become a world of friends who share my passion for reading, and who are kind when I sneak in proud-grammy-photos, and who encourage me to take on new things (scary for a shy person) like co-hosting challenges and the like, and who feed my passion for books by writing the most interesting and enticing reviews of books I haven’t read yet!

So thank you, dear reader, for the time you spend with me at my blog, and for creating your own places where I enjoy spending time. Here’s to another year in the book blogging world! Best wishes to all!

23 thoughts on “A Two Year Old

  1. Kim

    Happy anniversary! I just want to say that I love reading your blog and always enjoy my visit here.
    I am giving you an award–you can pick it up on my blog.


  2. Robin

    Thanks so much, Megan, Scriptor, Sarah and Kay!

    Thanks for your kind words AND for the award, Kim!

    Thanks, Chris and Nymeth! It’s both fun and an adventure being two years old!

    Thanks, Joann, Anna, and Robyn!


  3. Nan

    I did indeed think it was about the little one. That’s a wonderful picture by the way.
    I’m so glad and grateful you are in the blogging world, Robin. I love your take on the world of books, and your school stories, and family stories. Thank you!


  4. Cath

    Happy anniversary, Robin. You were one of the first people I got to know when I started my Blogspot journal and your blog is always a pleasure to visit.


  5. Les

    Yay!! Hardly seems like two years, does it?! Here’s to many more years of great book reviews and lots of grammy-bragging! I always enjoy visiting A Fondness For Reading.


  6. Gentle Reader

    Happy bloggiversary! I always, always enjoy visiting your blog, and look forward to many more years of visits πŸ™‚



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