The Snow Goose Bookstore

The Snow Goose Bookstore
8616 271st St. NW
Stanwood, WA 98292

There’s nothing quite like spending part of an afternoon or evening in a bookstore. B and I particularly enjoy the independent bookstores that are so much a part of a community. We love to browse with nothing to hurry us along, sometimes we’ll have a cup of coffee offered and happily accepted, and the staff always takes time to visit, get to know us a little. It’s our favorite “date.”

This weekend, we drove to Stanwood, Washington, a small town about 50 miles north of Seattle, and visited a very nice independent bookshop called The Snow Goose. I had heard about this store, but had never been there, so I wanted to check it out for the Independent Bookstore Challenge.

B picked out a couple of books, and I found one that caught my eye — The Last Town On Earth, by Thomas Mullen. When I showed it to the bookseller, she smiled and told me that the book I had chosen (quite by random) just happened to be the book that had been chosen for their “Community Big Read” last fall. The local library and the historical society had put together some special activities, the high school teacher read the book aloud to her classes, and the bookstore was crowded with townspeople on the day of the discussion. The author, himself, flew out from the east coast and attended the “celebrations” of his book. The story had, afterall, been set in a fictional town based on the area around Stanwood.

So I’m looking forward to reading a book the whole town has read, and will plan on returning to this little bookstore from time to time. It’s worth the trip.

9 thoughts on “The Snow Goose Bookstore

  1. Nan

    A perfect ‘date!’ What a great, great thing to do, and I love the book story. I don’t think this would happen in one of the big stores, unless the salesperson was a very special one (like Les!!).


  2. jenclair

    What a wonderful title for a bookstore. Sounds as if the owners have a good idea about how to involve the community.

    I wasn’t familiar with the Independent Bookstore Challenge–thanks for the link!


  3. Robin

    Nan, we do love our "dates" to B&N, too, but you're right, these kinds of personal connections are what is magical about the indie bookstores. We need both!

    Jenclair, I love the title, too! It was taken directly from the happenings in the area — the snow geese return to that area in the early spring, and the community has a Snow Goose Festival. The bookstore really is in the center of that little community. Here's a link to the annual festival:

    Chris, it was really a nice afternoon trip. Even the weather cooperated, although you can see from the photos that it was threatening to rain!

    JoAnn, it was a lovely day! We need to do that more often!


  4. Cath

    If there’s one thing I love about the US it’s your bookstores. We found gorgeous secondhand bookshops, new bookshops, and also enjoyed Barnes and Noble in Memphis. I think my favourite bookshop though was The Loft in Columbus, Ohio. It was an Aladdin’s cave for bibliophiles. I’ve never seen anywhere like it and hope one day to go back. Lovely post.


  5. Gentle Reader

    What a great little store. I love independent bookstores, and love that you and your hubby can make a date out of a visit! Sounds like fun 🙂


  6. Robin

    Thanks, Cath. We really enjoy exploring these different bookshops we find. There are a lot of wonderful indie bookstores, (and some very nice B&Ns), in the greater Seattle area. It's an area that's known for and is proud of it's bookstores and literary community, so I have a lot of choices of stores to visit.

    Thanks, Gentle Reader. We enjoy them. By the way, our "date" to the bookstore on the weekend also included a stop at two grocery stores on the way home. 🙂


  7. Les

    My folks live in Kingston, which isn’t to far away, so I’ll have to tell them about this quaint community. It’s fairly close to La Conner, which I’ve been to years and years ago.

    And a side-note to Nan — Thank you! 🙂



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