The Audacity of Hope

Politics is something I keep very private. I support candidates, do my part during election time, and vote. But when it comes to talking in public (or on my blog) about politics, I’m shy — because I’m very conscious of the many differing views held by friends, and I respect them.

But B and I have just listened to the audiobook version of President Obama’s The Audacity of Hope, which we enjoyed very much. We found it intelligent, interesting, and an enjoyable listen (he was the narrator). We were impressed with his ideas and his ability to communicate clearly and directly, with his humanity and with his hope. It filled us with hope, too.

5 thoughts on “The Audacity of Hope

  1. Eva

    I don’t like talking politics either. Or religion. To me, those are very personal things! I think, though, that since the inauguration, I’ve mentioned Obama a couple times with enough exclamation points to make my feelings clear. 😉


  2. Kim

    I talk politics and religion all the time, but we try to keep it off of our blog, even if it kills us, because we want everyone to feel comfortable there. My favorite attribute of Pres. Obama is his humility, it helps me trust him.


  3. Robin

    Bookfool, I did enjoy his narration. He’s got a great voice.

    Eva, I agree.

    Kim, that’s important to me, too — to have everyone feel comfortable (as much as possible).


  4. Just Mom

    I’m reading this now but it is pretty slow going – probably much more engaging as an audiobook. I do find that I read along and agree with what he is saying; he is very persuasive. But then, if asked to articulate what I just read, I can’t do it. So I don’t feel like I am actually getting a good feel for what he believes.



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