200 Years Old

An interesting coincidence happened at our house recently. B has been reading a book on Charles Darwin, and I’ve been reading about Abraham Lincoln in preparation for a lesson at school. I mentioned to B that this is Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday, and he responded with the fact that it is also Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday — on the same day! Wow! We thought that was really cool! Then, our daughter, a great Edgar Allan Poe fan, let us know that Poe’s 200th birthday was a short time ago on the 19th of January. And I’ve been reading aloud a book to my second graders on Louis Braille, and discovered that his 200th birthday was on February 4th! We concluded that 1809 was quite a year!

7 thoughts on “200 Years Old

  1. Kristen M.

    Darwin was the only one though that got to live a long life, surviving until the age of 73. Genius burned bright and quickly for most of them.


  2. Robin

    Nymeth, I also discovered the Nikolai Gogol and Alfred, Lord Tennyson were born in the same year. It’s pretty amazing!

    Kristen M, I don’t know much about Darwin, although my husband has been reading (slowly) his works. I’m going to have to read more about him.

    Gentle Reader, it’s amazing, isn’t it!?

    JDanger, completely, totally nuts!


  3. Kim

    Another: Samuel Johnson’s 300th birthday is Sept. 18th of this year, those ’09 years are productive, I wonder who is being born this year that will contribute so much to society.



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