In Memoriam: Donna Doyle

When I started blogging two years ago, I found a warm and welcoming community, and quickly discovered that the real pleasure of being a book blogger is the communication with those newfound friends from far and wide. Donna Doyle (The Between-Place) became one of those special friends. It was Donna’s adventuresome spirit, her intelligence, and her beautiful poetry that drew me to her. Yesterday, Donna lost her battle with cancer, and the world (and the book blogging community) lost a beautiful spirit.

To her family and friends, I send my heartfelt condolences. To Donna…I will miss you, Friend.


There are many places across this land
where my soul takes wing,
lifted above the mundane worries
that fill my days

I have looked down from the sky to see
puddles of farmyards
amongst squares of green and gold

barns and houses huddled together
as though protecting each other
from cloud-shadows that converge
and engulf

and rivers,
like sparkling ribbons
fallen loosely
across the prairie’s fabric

I have gazed across northern lakes
in the early morning mist
and listened to mated loons
as they dive, surface, and call to each other

…dive, surface, call
……dive, surface, call
………dive, surface, call

reassuring each other
of their continued presence,
and the forest looks on,
deeply satisfied.

And I have returned to my roots
where the geography is about
the people…
the faces and the voices
that have offered me these wings.

Soon I will go again
to follow the call of the sea,
the call that pulls me
ever forward.

Donna L. Doyle 04 Aug 08

13 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Donna Doyle

  1. Robin

    Thanks, Anna. Your thoughtfulness is very much appreciated

    Thanks for the hugs, Nymeth. They mean a lot.

    Thank you, too, Lynda. I appreciate your kind thoughts.

    Thanks, Nancy. She fought an amazing battle, and it seemed such a short time to us, but I’m so sorry she had to go through so much.

    Thanks so much, J.C. Montgomery!


  2. Chris

    Oh that’s so sad šŸ˜¦ I used to drop by Donna’s blog every now and then to read her beautiful poetry. I hadn’t been over there in a long time though. So sad…Hugs Robin!


  3. Kay

    Robin, thanks for sharing with us. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. My prayer for you, her family and all the many friends she must have made through her blog. Hugs to you!


  4. Red lady-Bonnie

    It is so hard to lose a friend, one like Donna who sounds so special. Thanks for sharing this with us and it sounds like you were a wonderful friend to her. I read about this on MizB’s blog as well.It amazes me how many wonderful friends we can make here in the blogging world/internet.


  5. Robin

    Thanks for the hugs, Chris. She was very talented, and it’s just a shame to lose her.

    I feel so sad for her family, too, Nan. What a sad loss for them. She was too young…

    Les, I agree…It’s a shame.

    Thanks, Kay. It’s hard to lose someone I’d never met face to face, but you become very attached to friends in this blogging world.

    Thanks, J. Danger.

    Thanks, Red lady-Bonnie. There have been some very nice tributes to her online. I hadn’t seen Miz B’s post, so thanks for letting me know about it.



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