The Adventures of Manga and the Grandboy

After the sad news at the first of the week, it was nice to spend some joyous time with my grandboy. It was a reminder of just how precious life is…

Now, this post title sounds like a really good book, but Manga and Bunk are actually the names our two-year-old Grandboy has given us. I’m “Manga” and his grandpa is “Bunk.” We have no clue as to where that came from, but we are delighted with the names, and with the Grandboy.

Grandboy’s Mom has come down with Mono, so Manga arrived in Portland early in the week to help out as much as possible. It was Mid-Winter Break from school, and I added 2 personal leave days so I could spend the week with the Grandboy, and it truly has been an adventure.

The week was like one prolonged Play Date, and it was delightful to get to know the Grandboy so well at this new stage. It included, as you can see, learning to talk about oneself in the 3rd person. Manga also needed to learn a new vocabulary and sentence structure, she needed to dust off the singing voice and remember the words to old beloved songs, and she needed to have the patience to read certain books over and over and over. Here’s a sampling of life this week with the Grandboy:

Wonderful Words:
bluebabies (blueberries)
pinemamas (pineapple)
dahmas (airplanes)
choo-choo cars (trains)
digga-diggas (backhoes or frontloaders)

Working on Sentence Structure:
Green go.
Red [s]top.
Dada car, go work.
Mama sick.
No nap. (2nd generation sentence…his Dad said that to me 34 years ago!)

Books Read Over and Over and Over:
The Cat in the Hat, by Dr. Seuss
Freight Train, by Donald Crews
Numerous others that I can’t remember the titles, but I’ve now memorized every word!

Outings in Manga’s Car:
To the library, numerous times, for books and for toddler book group
To Starbucks for coffee for Manga and an Hawaiian bagel (untoasted) for the Grandboy
To the toy store that happened to have the giant picture of the Cat in the Hat in the window
To the car wash, just to watch…too scary to go through

It was a wonderful week for Manga, and a happy time for the Grandboy. Back home this weekend, I’ve been thinking (with the utmost respect and admiration) about all the grandparents in the world raising grandchildren. I completely understand why the best time to have children is when you’re young! I watch my son and daughter-in-law work with this little person, and admire their skill and problem-solving abilities, their patience and their unconditional love, and I am so proud of them. What a delightful way to spend my Mid-Winter Break!

The week’s Book Reviews and another Bookstore Visit to be posted soon!

6 thoughts on “The Adventures of Manga and the Grandboy

  1. Robin

    Kristina, it was so much fun to be able to spend quality time with him. You will love the words and sentences your son comes up with!!

    Thanks, Kay. It was a lovely week.


  2. Nymeth

    Manga šŸ˜€ I love it. And that does sound like a book title, lol. He’s absolutely adorable, Robin. How nice that you got to spend the week with him šŸ™‚



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