You Were Right, Bookfool!

You were right, Bookfool! Can’t trust those birdies! Your comment on my Monday morning “Bird Song” post was so prophetic!

“I’m thinking one shouldn’t trust the birdies because we keep creeping up to the 70’s and then it drops right back down to the 30’s.”

Here we are this morning, with a late-start for school due to snow and slippery roads! Spring ain’t here yet! Darn it.

6 thoughts on “You Were Right, Bookfool!

  1. Bookfool

    Haha! Well, it’s not every dropping quite low enough to snow here, but how ironic! Try to enjoy your snow. I’m sneezing my head off, eyes are watering and burning . . . I do think spring has officially arrived in our area.


  2. Robin

    Thanks, Nymeth. The snow has mostly melted, and the temperatures are warming up again, so I think we’ll start having more Spring days than Winter days now. I realize I have done nothing all winter but complain about the dark and the weather. Sheesh! I need to get a grip!

    I’m so sorry for your sneezles and wheezles, Bookfool! And once again, you’re right! The allergies will be on us very soon!

    Thanks, Kay. You’re right, too. It’s coming soon!


  3. Les

    And you must’ve sent your snow my way, because it arrived late last night, along with some very cold temps! We have 4-5 inches of the white stuff on the ground and it was a bitter 7 degrees this morning. It’s warmed up a bit. Currently 18. Where is spring???????


  4. Robin

    Oh Les, it does sound like we sent it your direction and it picked up ferosity!! Brrrrr! I hope it warms up a lot more than that very soon for you. We all need Spring!!



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