Guest Post from Mom: Abraham Lincoln

A Guest Post by Lois

This morning I called off exercise and even the treadmill. That rarely happens… mostly on weekends. What is this world coming to?

I couldn’t read the last of Abraham Lincoln by George McGovern, (just out this month), without tears. It’s a short read…181 pages. Yet I found valuable information I hadn’t read before — parts of his speeches I hadn’t read before and many quotes. Without a doubt I found even more to like and appreciate about Lincoln. McGovern does a very good job of showing you what a great man he was. It’s a prize little book. I need to get back to reciting The Gettysburg Address again every day. Also, I hadn’t realized McGovern has a PHD from North Western University in American History and Government.

For those of you new to my blog, my mother, Lois, age 89, is an avid reader and lifelong inspiration to me. She writes occasional guest posts about what she is reading now.

5 thoughts on “Guest Post from Mom: Abraham Lincoln

  1. Red lady-Bonnie

    I haven’t read many books about Lincoln and will add this one to my wishlist. It sounds very interesting. I enjoy reading clips of speeches and especially quotes. Great review Lois!


  2. Robin

    Amy, both Mom and I agree with you!

    Thanks, Red lady-Bonnie, I’ve added it to my booklist, too! I’ll make sure Mom reads your comment.


  3. Kim

    I found an interesting memior written by Julia Taft Bayne called “Tad Lincoln’s Father.” Ms. Bayne was a frequent visitor in White House while both of the Lincoln boys were alive and the book is a very loving inside view of the family. Maybe not completely accurate historically, but she gives an interesting insight into the time. I recommend it.


  4. Robin

    Kim, that sounds like a book I’d really enjoy, and I’m sure Mom would be interested in it, too. Thanks for the info.



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