6 thoughts on “Weekly Geeks: A Quote a Day #5

  1. Books Fall Open

    Oh, that’s a great quote! And I can definitely see the point. (Though, I’m a writer. I’m rarely bored. 😉 )


  2. J.Danger

    I love that quote. I am going to have to write it down and keep it.

    Now, about that picture- was my son at your place?! haha. Looks like home.


  3. Robin

    Thanks, Books Fall Open! I’m the same way — rarely, if ever, bored.

    Thanks, Susan. The photo is from my son and the Grandboy. They don’t get bored, either.

    J.Danger, yes, I think the tower must have been built by your son..! Oh, actually, it was built by my son and the Grandboy, but they’d love your son to join them!



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