Once Upon a Time III: My Quest


I’m so excited that Carl V’s Once Upon a Time III challenge is underway! I’ve finally decided what I’d like to read for my Quest, and I know it’s going to be another wonderful journey!

Last year, among the books I chose to read for Carl V’s OUaT Challenge II, were four books that turned out the be the highlight of the challenge for me. It was a unique collaboration between four authors, who each wrote a book centered around one of Brian Froud’s paintings. The four authors were Charles de Lint, Patricia McKillip, Terri Windling, and Midori Snyder, and it was a wonderful creative collaborative project. This year I was hoping to do something similar since I enjoyed that type of reading project so much. I’ve found just the thing! My goal this year is to read Terri Windling’s Fairy Tale Series! (Or at least as many of them as I can get hold of.) I’m also going to participate in the Short Story Weekends reading!

Just in case I find more time to read, I’ve also put together a list of books already on my TBR shelf, waiting for this challenge, so we’ll see how many I can get through in the next three months.

My TBR Shelf possibilities:

• The Book of Lost Things, John Connolly (underway!)
• Rapunzel’s Revenge, by Shannon Hale and
• A Fine & Private Place, by Peter S. Beagle
• The Last Unicorn, by Peter S. Beagle
• Tales of Beedle the Bard, by J.K. Rowling
• The Book of Atrix Wolfe, by Patricia McKillip
• Daughters of Copper Woman, by Anne Cameron
• Arabian Nights & Days, by Naguib Mahfouz
• Moonheart, by Charles de Lint
• A Hidden Magic, by Vivian Vande Velde
• Heroes & Heroines in Tlingit-Haida Legend, by Mary L. Beck
• The Raven Steals the Light, stories by Bill Reid and Robert Bringhurst

My TBR list has gotten longer each year I participate in this challenge, but that’s what I love about it — being introduced to new authors and wonderful books by reading all the reviews that fellow travelers post on their blogs.

17 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time III: My Quest

  1. Kailana

    I want to read her Fairy Tale series, too. Instead, I think I have only read Briar Rose… I own a few others, though. Oh, no, I read Jack, the Giant Hunter, too. I read that so long ago, though, that I can’t even remember it!

    That’s weird. I swear there is a book in that series called Thomas the Rhymer by Ellen Kushner.

    Anyway, you have a lot of good things to read. I just read Rapunzel’s Revenge last weekend and really liked it!

    Happy Reading!


  2. Cath

    I completely agree with you, Robin, that one of the joys of this challenge is to read about new authors in other people’s reviews. It’s one of the joys of blogging in general I think. I love your list and we both have De Lint’s Jack the Giant Killer to read I see. Happy reading.


  3. Robin

    Thanks, Miss D. It’s going to be fun when everyone starts posting their reviews.

    Thanks, Chris. I’m looking forward to reading the book you sent me, too! I saved it for this challenge.

    Thanks, Kailana. I looked and looked and couldn’t find a list of the Fairy Tale Series with Thomas the Rhymer on it. But I picked it up today at the library anyway and am going to read it because so many people liked it. Rapunzel’s Revenge looks like a lot of fun.

    Thanks, Cath. It will be fun to compare notes on Jack the Giant-Killer.

    Thanks, Nymeth. You’ve read quite a few of them, haven’t you? I’m really excited about this “project.” I so enjoyed the one I did last year on the books written around Brian Froud’s paintings. They fit in beautifully with Carl’s challenge.


  4. Marg

    Thanks so much for the list of the Fairy Tale series. I recently read Briar Rose so I am now looking to read more of this series.


  5. Robin

    Thanks, Carl!

    Marg, you’re welcome! I really liked Briar Rose and look forward to reading the others in the series. It will be nice to compare notes, if you read them, too. Enjoy!

    DesLily, it’s terrific, isn’t it. And our TBR piles keep growing, thanks to each other!


  6. Bellezza

    I haven’t read anything by Terri Windling, yet, so I feel I should join you in the fairy tales. I like this challenge because it takes me out of my normal reading venue. I’m looking forward to sharing lots of good reviews with you!


  7. Robin

    Bellezza, Terri’s art is so beautiful and her anthologies are full of wonderful stories. You’d enjoy it all, I’m sure.

    Thanks, Heather. I look forward to The Last Unicorn.


  8. Shelley

    Love the titles! A lot of them I haven’t heard of but they sound great! I just recently read Rapunzel’s Revenge and it was pretty fun.


  9. Robin

    Thanks, Shelley! I’m sure I’ll enjoy Rapunzel’s Revenge because I’ve really liked the other books I’ve read by Shannon Hale.


  10. Iliana

    I’m taking note of some of these titles! I always feel a bit “lost” when it comes to choosing books for this challenge as they aren’t my typical reads but I have so much fun exploring new authors and new worlds 🙂

    Have tons of fun on your quest!


  11. Robin

    Thanks, Iliana! I enjoy looking at everybody’s list when they sign up for this challenge. I’ve found some new favorite books and authors through this challenge.



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