A Splash of Color

A splash of color a la Georgia O’Keeffe from my second grade classroom…for those of you where wintery spring is still gray and stormy.

10 thoughts on “A Splash of Color

  1. Robin

    Thanks, Val, Chris, Les, and JoAnn. This is a wonderful example of the joyous innocence of children this age. They are ALL talented because they are so NOT self-conscious. Their art is completely from the heart.


  2. Bookfool

    Beautiful! We’re surrounded by color, but it’s still an upper to see that blast of colors from your students. I love your comment — they’re not inhibited at that age. So true. I’ve know some very talented people who have become convinced that they’re nothing special. Imagine if they’d never lost their 5-year-old hearts.


  3. Robin

    Bookfool, so well-said: Imagine if they’d never lost their 5-year-old hearts! All of us need to do everything we can to not squelch that creativity!

    Thanks, Amanda. I need that spring splash of color, too. It’s been a long winter!



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