An Arthurian Challenge


Becky, of Becky’s Book Reviews, is hosting a new challenge, and even though I will soon be immersed in the ending of another school year, and even though my list of reading challenges is already ridiculously long, I just can’t resist! I love the King Arthur legends, and have quite a few books already on my TBR shelf that would work for this challenge, and that could also be counted as extras for Carl V’s  Once Upon a Time III challenge.

So I signed up to read at least 3 books (trying to be reasonable about it). I’ll update this post with my choices as I go along.

1. Over Sea Under Stone, by Susan Cooper (audiobook)

2. The Dark is Rising, by Susan Cooper (audiobook)

3. Greenwitch, by Susan Cooper (audiobook)

4. The Grey King, by Susan Cooper (audiobook)

5. Silver on the Tree, by Susan Cooper (audiobook)

7 thoughts on “An Arthurian Challenge

  1. Susan

    Hurray! You’re joining in too! I am going to Becky’s site she listed to see what’s new in the area, and I have Once and Future King to read on my TBR shelf. I hope you enjoy the Dark is Rising series, Nymeth and I did!


  2. Robin Post author

    Thanks, Nymeth! I know I’ll enjoy it!

    Thanks, Susan! I’m already completely caught up in Over Sea, Under Stone, so I know I’m going to love the series … and this challenge!


  3. Bellezza

    I’ve always been interested in King Arthur. If you haven’t read any Stephen Lawhead books yet, try to pick one up. He’s a Christian, and a wonderful storyteller.


  4. Rose City Reader

    Oh, I like the Lawhead recomendation — glad I reaad the comments!

    I read The Mists of Avalon this year. Have you read that one yet? The story of King Aurthur from the perspective of the women in the story. Not really my cup of tea, but that is because I am not a big fan of the genre in general.


  5. Robin Post author

    Bellezza, I’ve seen his name but don’t know anything about him, so I’m glad for your recommendation!

    Rose City Reader, I’m definitely going to check out Lawhead. I read Mists of Avalon some years ago, and enjoyed it (loved that it was from the women’s point of view), but I didn’t continue with the whole series of them that came out afterwards.

    Thanks, Rhinoa! It will be fun to read all the reviews for this challenge.



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