At the end of the school day, I head out to my car and immediately start listening to my current audiobook. I don’t live very far from school, so there’s not a lot of listening time, but I listen every time I get in the car … and before too long, I finish another book.

This week I’ve been listening to Over Sea, Under Stone, by Susan Cooper. I am thoroughly enjoying it, and by the time I arrive home, I’ve completely decompressed from the day’s intensity. I am finding it absolutely delightful to spend a short while every day in Cornwall!


6 thoughts on “Cornwall

  1. Shanra

    Ohohoh! If you like Over Sea, Under Stone, you’ll probably enjoy the whole series. I did feel that one was the weakest of the lot, but it’s absolutely essential. Nothing in that story is there that doesn’t need to be there.

    I’m still planning to do a reread around Midwinter with a friend of mine. (The same one who introduced me, sweet thing that she is.) It seems/sounds like a perfect time to reread it.

    (I’ll go fangirl over there somewhere, shall I? ^-~)


  2. Robin Post author

    Shanra, I’m so looking forward to reading the entire series and I’m glad to hear it just gets better and better!

    Nymeth, the mystery for me is how I never read this entire series before? I read almost every other classic fantasy of the time to my son when he was young! I vaguely remember reading Over Sea, Under Stone to him at one point, but I don’t remember continuing on with the series, so I’m going to ask him to tell me what happened!

    Oh Molly. I’m enjoying this one a lot, and as Shanra and Nymeth say “the rest of the series is even better!” So you can look forward to a lot of enjoyment!


  3. Robin

    Kailana, it’s amazing how many books you can enjoy with just a short time spent listening in the car. I have been known to sit in the driveway for a little while, or even drive around the block, to finish a particularly good part of a chapter!



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